Courses for the Current Semester

Outline     Course Name Instructor
  BISC101   General Biology Z. Punja, K. Lam, P. Hollman
  BISC102s   General Biology (Surrey) I. Mladenovic
  BISC111   Special Topics, Biology I J. Christians
  BISC113c   Biology in Everyday Life (Distance Ed) J. Sharp
  BISC202   Genetics K. Lam
  BISC204   Introduction in Ecology J. Cory
  BISC300   Evolution R.Mathewes
  BISC302W   Genetic Analysis K. Fitzpatrick
  BISC306   Invertebrate Biology M. Hart, E. Barley
  BISC309   Conservation Biology N. Dulvy
  BISC313   Environmental Toxicology II C. Kennedy
  BISC318   Parasitology C. Lowenberger
  BISC333   Developmental Biology S. Bisgrove
  BISC337   Plant Biology M. Fernando
  BISC366   Plant Physiology E. Chin
  BISC405   Neurobiology G. Rintoul
  BISC412   Aquatic Ecology J. Moore
  BISC420   Community ECO & Macroecology D. Green
  BISC421   Models in Biology E. Palsson
  BISC422   Population Genetics F. Breden
  BISC472   ST- CMP J. Guttman

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