Courses for the Current Semester

Outline     Course Name Instructor
  BISC100   Introduction to Biology M.Fernando
  BISC101   General Biology M.Barker
  BISC102   General Biology J.Reynolds, M.Fernando, O.Bains
  BISC113c   Biology in Everyday Life (Distance Ed) T.McMullan
  BISC202   Genetics K.Fitzpatrick
  BISC202c   Genetics (Distance Ed) K.Fitzpatrick
  BISC272   ST: Biological Research K.Lam
  BISC300   Evolution R.Mathewes
  BISC303   Microbiology J.Guttman, P.Hollmann
  BISC305   Animal Physiology I.Novales Flamarique
  BISC316   Vertebrate Biology T.McMullan
  BISC333   Developmental Biology K.Fitzpatrick
  BISC371   ST: Biology Before the Beagle R.Ydenberg

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