An Introduction to Actin Actin-Rich Structures

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Authors: Vogl, AW; Guttman, JA
Year: 2018
Journal: Anat. Rec. 301   Article Link (DOI)  PubMed
Title: An Introduction to Actin Actin-Rich Structures
Abstract: The actin cytoskeleton has long been recognized as a crucial sub-cellular filament system that is responsible for governing fundamental events ranging from cell division and muscle contraction to whole cell motility and the maintenance of tissue integrity. Consequently, it is not surprising that this network is the focus of over 100,000 different manuscripts. Alterations in the actin cytoskeleton lead to an assortment of diseases and serve as a target for a variety of pathogens. Here we have brought together a collection of primary research articles and reviews that underscore the broad influence this filament system has on organisms. (C) 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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