Manipulation of host-cell pathways by bacterial pathogens.

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Authors: Bhavsar A, Guttman, JA., Finlay, BB.
Year: 2007
Journal: Nature 449:827-834.    PDF    Article Link (DOI)
Title: Manipulation of host-cell pathways by bacterial pathogens.
Abstract: Bacterial pathogens operate by attacking crucial intracellular pathways in their hosts. These pathogens
usually target more than one intracellular pathway and often interact at several points in each of these
pathways to commandeer them fully. Although different bacterial pathogens tend to exploit similar pathway
components in the host, the way in which they ‘hijack’ host cells usually differs. Knowledge of how pathogens
target distinct cytoskeletal components and immune-cell signalling pathways is rapidly advancing, together
with the understanding of bacterial virulence at a molecular level. Studying how these bacterial pathogens
subvert host-cell pathways is central to understanding infectious disease.
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