Hijacking the endocytic machinery by microbial pathogens

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Authors: Lin, AEJ; Guttman, JA
Year: 2010
Journal: Protoplasma 244: 75-90   Article Link (DOI)
Title: Hijacking the endocytic machinery by microbial pathogens
Abstract: Understanding the mechanisms that microbes exploit to invade host cells and cause disease is crucial if we are to eliminate their threat. Although pathogens use a variety of microbial factors to trigger entry into non-phagocytic cells, their targeting of the host cell process of endocytosis has emerged as a common theme. To accomplish this, microbes often rewire the normal course of particle internalization, frequently usurping theoretical maximal sizes to permit entry and reconfiguring molecular components that were once thought to be required for vesicle formation. Here, we discuss recent advances in our understanding of how toxins, viruses, bacteria, and fungi manipulate the host cell endocytic machinery to generate diseases. Additionally, we will reveal the advantages of using these organisms to expand our general knowledge of endocytic mechanisms in eukaryotic cells.
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