Course Course Name Instructor Needed
BISC100      Introduction to Biology M. Mokkonen     TA
BISC101      General Biology I. Mladenovic     TA
BISC102      General Biology E. Barley     TA
BISC113c      Biology in Everyday Life (Distance Ed) J. Sharp     TM
BISC202      Genetics K. Lam     TA
BISC202c      Genetics (Distance Ed) K. Fitzpatrick     TM
BISC272      ST: Biological Research K. Lam     TA
BISC300      Evolution M. Mokkonen     TA
BISC303      Microbiology J. Guttman, P. Hollmann     TA
BISC305      Animal Physiology I. Novales-Flamarique     TA
BISC316      Vertebrate Biology J. Sharp     TA
BISC337      Plant Biology M. Fernando     TA
BISC424      Applied Genomics J. Mattsson     TA

Semester 1194. All classes are held at the Burnaby campus unless otherwise indicated and require Teaching Assistantships except for Distance Education which need Tutor Markers. Applications for sessionals must be be submitted online at