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31. Brideau, MA; Stead, D; Millard, TH; Ward, BC.  Field characterisation and numerical modelling of debris avalanche runout on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.   Landslides,  2019,  16: 875-891 DOI
30. Wilson, AM; Russell, JK; Ward, BC.  Paleo-glacier reconstruction in southwestern British Columbia, Canada: A glaciovolcanic model.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2019,  218: 178-188 DOI
29. Roberti, G; Ward, B; de Vries, BV; Friele, P; Perotti, L; Clague, JJ; Giardino, M.  Precursory slope distress prior to the 2010 Mount Meager landslide, British Columbia.   Landslides,  2018,  15: 637-647 DOI
28. Menounos, B; Goehring, BM; Osborn, G; Margold, M; Ward, B; Bond, J; Clarke, GKC; Clague, JJ; Lakeman, T; Koch, J; Caffee, MW; Gosse, J; Stroeven, AP; Seguinot, J; Heyman, J.  Cordilleran Ice Sheet mass loss preceded climate reversals near the Pleistocene Termination.   Science,  2017,  358: 781-784 DOI  PubMed
27. Roberti, G; Friele, P; de Vries, BV; Ward, B; Clague, JJ; Perotti, L; Giardino, M.  Rheological evolution of the Mount Meager 2010 debris avalanche, southwestern British Columbia.   Geosphere,  2017,  13: 369-390 DOI
26. Sacco, DA; Ward, BC; Lian, OB; Maynard, DE; Geertsema, M.  Quaternary geology of part of the McLeod Lake map area (NTS 093J), central British Columbia: lithostratigraphy, glacial history, and chronology.   Can. J. Earth Sci.,  2017,  54: 1063-1084 DOI
25. Plouffe, A; Ferbey, T; Hashmi, S; Ward, BC.  Till geochemistry and mineralogy: vectoring towards Cu porphyry deposits in British Columbia, Canada.   Geochem.-Explor. Environ. Anal.,  2016,  16: 213-232 DOI
24. Turner, DG; Ward, BC; Froese, DG; Lamothe, M; Bond, JD; Bigelow, NH.  Stratigraphy of Pleistocene glaciations in the St Elias Mountains, southwest Yukon, Canada.   Boreas,  2016,  45: 521-536 DOI
23. Utting, DJ; Gosse, JC; Kelley, SE; Vickers, KJ; Ward, BC; Trommelen, MS.  Advance, deglacial and sea-level chronology for Foxe Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut.   Boreas,  2016,  45: 439-454 DOI
22. Wolter, A; Stead, D; Ward, BC; Clague, JJ; Ghirotti, M.  Engineering geomorphological characterisation of the Vajont Slide, Italy, and a new interpretation of the chronology and evolution of the landslide.   Landslides,  2016,  13: 1067-1081 DOI
21. Hashmi, S; Ward, BC; Plouffe, A; Leybourne, MI; Ferbey, T.  Geochemical and mineralogical dispersal in till from the Mount Polley Cu-Au porphyry deposit, central British Columbia, Canada.   Geochem.-Explor. Environ. Anal.,  2015,  15: 234-249 DOI
20. Sturzenegger, M; Stead, D; Gosse, J; Ward, B; Froese, C.  Reconstruction of the history of the Palliser Rockslide based on Cl-36 terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide dating and debris volume estimations.   Landslides,  2015,  12: 1097-1106 DOI
19. Stumpf, AJ; Ferbey, T; Plouffe, A; Clague, JJ; Ward, BC; Paulen, RC; Bush, ABG.  Discussion: "Streamlined erosional residuals and drumlins in central British Columbia, Canada" by J. Donald McClenagan, (2013) Geomorphology 189,41-54.   Geomorphology,  2014,  209: 147-150 DOI
18. Turner, DG; Ward, BC; Bond, JD; Jensen, BJL; Froese, DG; Telka, AM; Zazula, GD; Bigelow, NH.  Middle to Late Pleistocene ice extents, tephrochronology and paleoenvironments of the White River area, southwest Yukon.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2013,  75: 59-77 DOI
17. Brideau, MA; Sturzenegger, M; Stead, D; Jaboyedoff, M; Lawrence, M; Roberts, N; Ward, B; Millard, T; Clague, J.  Stability analysis of the 2007 Chehalis lake landslide based on long-range terrestrial photogrammetry and airborne LiDAR data.   Landslides,  2012,  9: 75-91 DOI
16. Jackson, LE; Nelson, FE; Huscroft, CA; Villeneuve, M; Barendregt, RW; Storer, JE; Ward, BC.  Pliocene and Pleistocene volcanic interaction with Cordilleran ice sheets, damming of the Yukon River and vertebrate Palaeontology, Fort Selkirk Volcanic Group, west-central Yukon, Canada.   Quat. Int.,  2012,  260: 3-20 DOI
15. Zazula, GD; Turner, DG; Ward, BC; Bond, J.  Last interglacial western camel (Camelops hesternus) from eastern Beringia.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2011,  30: 2355-2360 DOI
14. Riedel, JL; Clague, JJ; Ward, BC.  Timing and extent of early marine oxygen isotope stage 2 alpine glaciation in Skagit Valley, Washington.   Quat. Res.,  2010,  73: 313-323 DOI
13. Vickers, KJ; Ward, BC; Utting, DJ; Telka, AM.  Deglacial reservoir age and implications, Foxe Peninsula, Baffin Island.   J. Quat. Sci.,  2010,  25: 1338-1346 DOI
12. Wolter, A; Ward, B; Millard, T.  Instability in eight sub-basins of the Chilliwack River Valley, British Columbia, Canada: A comparison of natural and logging-related landslides.   Geomorphology,  2010,  120: 123-132 DOI
11. Utting, DJ; Ward, BC; Little, EC.  Genesis of hummocks in glaciofluvial corridors near the Keewatin Ice Divide, Canada.   Boreas,  2009,  38: 471-481 DOI
10. Ward, BC; Bond, JD; Froese, D; Jensen, B.  Old Crow tephra (140+/-10 ka) constrains penultimate Reid glaciation in central Yukon Territory.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2008,  27: 1909-1915 DOI
9. Ward, BC; Bond, JD; Gosse, JC.  Evidence for a 55-50 ka (early Wisconsin) glaciation of the Cordilleran ice sheet, Yukon Territory, Canada.   Quat. Res.,  2007,  68: 141-150 DOI
8. Al-Suwaidi, M; Ward, BC; Wilson, MC; Hebda, RJ; Nagorsen, DW; Marshall, D; Ghaleb, B; Wigen, RJ; Enkin, RJ.  Late Wisconsinan Port Eliza Cave deposits and their implications for human coastal migration, Vancouver Island, Canada.   Geoarchaeology,  2006,  21: 307-332 DOI
7. Huscroft, CA; Ward, BC; Jackson, LE; Tarnocai, CE.  Investigation of high-level glaciofluvial terraces and re-evaluation of the established soil stratigraphy for Early and Middle Pleistocene surfaces, central Yukon, Canada.   Boreas,  2006,  35: 96-105 DOI
6. Huscroft, CA; Ward, BC; Barendregt, RW; Jackson, LE; Opdyke, ND.  Pleistocene volcanic damming of Yukon River and the maximum age of the Reid Glaciation, west-central Yukon.   Can. J. Earth Sci.,  2004,  41: 151-164 DOI
5. Roberts, B; Ward, B; Rollerson, T.  A comparison of landslide rates following helicopter and conventional cable-based clear-cut logging operations in the Southwest Coast Mountains of British Columbia.   Geomorphology,  2004,  61: 337-346 DOI
4. Ward, BC; Thomson, B.  Late Pleistocene stratigraphy and chronology of lower Chehalis River valley, southwestern British Columbia: Evidence for a restricted coquitlam stade.   Can. J. Earth Sci.,  2004,  41: 881-895 DOI
3. Ward, BC; Wilson, MC; Nagorsen, DW; Nelson, DE; Driver, JC; Wigen, RJ.  Port Eliza cave: North American West Coast interstadial environment and implications for human migrations.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2003,  22: 1383-1388 DOI
2. Ward, B; Rutter, N.  Deglacial valley fill sedimentation, Pelly River, Yukon Territory, Canada.   Quat. Int.,  2000,  68: 309-328 DOI
1. WARD, BC; JACKSON, LE.  Late Wisconsinan glaciation of the Glenlyon Range, Pelly Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada.   Can. J. Earth Sci.,  1992,  29: 2007-2012 DOI
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