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45. Anderson, LS; Geirsdottir, A; Flowers, GE; Wickert, AD; Adalgeirsdottir, G; Thorsteinsson, T.  Controls on the lifespans of Icelandic ice caps.   Earth Planet. Sci. Lett.,  2019,  527 DOI
44. Flowers, GE.  Hydrology and the future of the Greenland Ice Sheet (vol 9, 2729, 2018).   Nat. Commun.,  2019,  10 DOI  PubMed
43. Pulwicki, A; Flowers, GE; Bingham, D.  Pursuit of Optimal Design for Winter-Balance Surveys of Valley-Glacier Ablation Areas.   Front. Earth Sci.,  2019,  7 DOI
42. Anderson, LS; Flowers, GE; Jarosch, AH; Adalgeirsdottir, GT; Geirsdottir, A; Miller, GH; Harning, DJ; Thorsteinsson, T; Magnusson, E; Palsson, F.  Holocene glacier and climate variations in Vestfiroir, Iceland, from the modeling of Drangajokull ice cap.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2018,  190: 39-56 DOI
41. Beaud, F; Flowers, GE; Venditti, JG.  Modeling Sediment Transport in Ice-Walled Subglacial Channels and Its Implications for Esker Formation and Proglacial Sediment Yields.   J. Geophys. Res.-Earth Surf.,  2018,  123: 3206-3227 DOI
40. Beaud, F; Venditti, JG; Flowers, GE; Koppes, M.  Excavation of subglacial bedrock channels by seasonal meltwater flow.   Earth Surf. Process. Landf.,  2018,  43: 1960-1972 DOI
39. Crompton, JW; Flowers, GE; Stead, D.  Bedrock Fracture Characteristics as a Possible Control on the Distribution of Surge-Type Glaciers.   J. Geophys. Res.-Earth Surf.,  2018,  123: 853-873 DOI
38. Flowers, GE.  Hydrology and the future of the Greenland Ice Sheet.   Nat. Commun.,  2018,  9 DOI  PubMed
37. Pulwicki, A; Flowers, GE; Radic, V; Bingham, D.  Estimating winter balance and its uncertainty from direct measurements of snow depth and density on alpine glaciers.   J. Glaciol.,  2018,  64: 781-795 DOI
36. Aso, N; Tsai, VC; Schoof, C; Flowers, GE; Whiteford, A; Rada, C.  Seismologically Observed Spatiotemporal Drainage Activity at Moulins.   J. Geophys. Res.-Solid Earth,  2017,  122: 9095-9108 DOI
35. Gilbert, A; Flowers, GE; Miller, GH; Refsnider, KA; Young, NE; Radic, V.  The projected demise of Barnes Ice Cap: Evidence of an unusually warm 21st century Arctic.   Geophys. Res. Lett.,  2017,  44: 2810-2816 DOI
34. Pimentel, S; Flowers, GE; Sharp, MJ; Danielson, B; Copland, L; Van Wychen, W; Duncan, A; Kavanaugh, JL.  Modelling intra-annual dynamics of a major marine-terminating Arctic glacier.   Ann. Glaciol.,  2017,  58: 118-130 DOI
33. Pratola, MT; Harari, O; Bingham, D; Flowers, GE.  RETRACTED: Design and Analysis of Experiments on Nonconvex Regions (Retracted article. See vol. 60, pg. 270, 2018).   Technometrics,  2017,  59: 36-47 DOI
32. Beaud, F; Flowers, GE; Venditti, JG.  Efficacy of bedrock erosion by subglacial water flow.   Earth Surf. Dyn.,  2016,  4: 125-145 DOI
31. Crompton, JW; Flowers, GE.  Correlations of suspended sediment size with bedrock lithology and glacier dynamics.   Ann. Glaciol.,  2016,  57: 142-150 DOI
30. Flowers, GE; Jarosch, AH; Belliveau, PTAP; Fuhrman, LA.  Short-term velocity variations and sliding sensitivity of a slowly surging glacier.   Ann. Glaciol.,  2016,  57: 71-83 DOI
29. Gilbert, A; Flowers, GE; Miller, GH; Rabus, BT; Van Wychen, W; Gardner, AS; Copland, L.  Sensitivity of Barnes Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Canada, to climate state and internal dynamics.   J. Geophys. Res.-Earth Surf.,  2016,  121: 1516-1539 DOI
28. King, L; Hassan, MA; Yang, K; Flowers, G.  Flow Routing for Delineating Supraglacial Meltwater Channel Networks.   Remote Sens.,  2016,  8 DOI
27. Crompton, JW; Flowers, GE; Kirste, D; Hagedorn, B; Sharp, MJ.  Clay mineral precipitation and low silica in glacier meltwaters explored through reaction-path modelling.   J. Glaciol.,  2015,  61: 1061-1078 DOI
26. Flowers, GE.  Modelling water flow under glaciers and ice sheets.   Proc. R. Soc. A-Math. Phys. Eng. Sci.,  2015,  471 DOI  PubMed
25. Beaud, F; Flowers, GE; Pimentel, S.  Seasonal-scale abrasion and quarrying patterns from a two-dimensional ice-flow model coupled to distributed and channelized subglacial drainage.   Geomorphology,  2014,  219: 176-191 DOI
24. Flowers, GE; Copland, L; Schoof, CG.  Contemporary Glacier Processes and Global Change: Recent Observations from Kaskawulsh Glacier and the Donjek Range, St. Elias Mountains.   Arctic,  2014,  67: 22-34 DOI
23. Schoof, C; Rada, CA; Wilson, NJ; Flowers, GE; Haseloff, M.  Oscillatory subglacial drainage in the absence of surface melt.   Cryosphere,  2014,  8: 959-976 DOI
22. Wheler, BA; MacDougall, AH; Flowers, GE; Petersen, EI; Whiffield, PH; Kohfeld, KE.  Effects of Temperature Forcing Provenance and Extrapolation on the Performance of an Empirical Glacier-Melt Model.   Arct. Antarct. Alp. Res.,  2014,  46: 379-393 DOI
21. Williamson, SN; Hik, DS; Gamon, JA; Kavanaugh, JL; Flowers, GE.  Estimating Temperature Fields from MODIS Land Surface Temperature and Air Temperature Observations in a Sub-Arctic Alpine Environment.   Remote Sens.,  2014,  6: 946-963 DOI
20. Wilson, NJ; Flowers, GE; Mingo, L.  Mapping and interpretation of bed-reflection power from a surge-type polythermal glacier, Yukon, Canada.   Ann. Glaciol.,  2014,  55: 1-8 DOI
19. Joughin, I; Das, SB; Flowers, GE; Behn, MD; Alley, RB; King, MA; Smith, BE; Bamber, JL; van den Broeke, MR; van Angelen, JH.  Influence of ice-sheet geometry and supraglacial lakes on seasonal ice-flow variability.   Cryosphere,  2013,  7: 1185-1192 DOI
18. Werder, MA; Hewitt, IJ; Schoof, CG; Flowers, GE.  Modeling channelized and distributed subglacial drainage in two dimensions.   J. Geophys. Res.-Earth Surf.,  2013,  118: 2140-2158 DOI
17. Wilson, NJ; Flowers, GE.  Environmental controls on the thermal structure of alpine glaciers.   Cryosphere,  2013,  7: 167-182 DOI
16. Wilson, NJ; Flowers, GE; Mingo, L.  Comparison of thermal structure and evolution between neighboring subarctic glaciers.   J. Geophys. Res.-Earth Surf.,  2013,  118: 1443-1459 DOI
15. Flowers, GE; Roux, N; Pimentel, S; Schoof, CG.  Present dynamics and future prognosis of a slowly surging glacier.   Cryosphere,  2011,  5: 299-313 DOI
14. MacDougall, AH; Flowers, GE.  Spatial and Temporal Transferability of a Distributed Energy-Balance Glacier Melt Model.   J. Clim.,  2011,  24: 1480-1498 DOI
13. MacDougall, AH; Wheler, BA; Flowers, GE.  A preliminary assessment of glacier melt-model parameter sensitivity and transferability in a dry subarctic environment.   Cryosphere,  2011,  5: 1011-1028 DOI
12. Pimentel, S; Flowers, GE.  A numerical study of hydrologically driven glacier dynamics and subglacial flooding.   Proc. R. Soc. A-Math. Phys. Eng. Sci.,  2011,  467: 537-558 DOI
11. Wheler, BA; Flowers, GE.  Glacier subsurface heat-flux characterizations for energy-balance modelling in the Donjek Range, southwest Yukon, Canada.   J. Glaciol.,  2011,  57: 121-133 DOI
10. Flowers, GE.  Glacier hydromechanics: early insights and the lasting legacy of three works by Iken and colleagues.   J. Glaciol.,  2010,  56: 1069-1078 DOI
9. Mingo, L; Flowers, GE.  An integrated lightweight ice-penetrating radar system.   J. Glaciol.,  2010,  56: 709-714 DOI
8. Pimentel, S; Flowers, GE; Schoof, CG.  A hydrologically coupled higher-order flow-band model of ice dynamics with a Coulomb friction sliding law.   J. Geophys. Res.-Earth Surf.,  2010,  115 DOI
7. Boon, S; Flowers, GE; Munro, DS.  Canadian Glacier Hydrology, 2003-2007.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2009,  34: 195-203 DOI
6. De Paoli, L; Flowers, GE.  Dynamics of a small surge-type glacier using one-dimensional geophysical inversion.   J. Glaciol.,  2009,  55: 1101-1112 DOI
5. Flowers, GE.  Subglacial modulation of the hydrograph from glacierized basins.   Hydrol. Process.,  2008,  22: 3903-3918 DOI
4. Flowers, GE; Bjornsson, H; Geirsdottir, A; Miller, GH; Black, JL; Clarke, GKC.  Holocene climate conditions and glacier variation in central Iceland from physical modelling and empirical evidence.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2008,  27: 797-813 DOI
3. Flowers, GE; Bjornsson, H; Geirsdottir, A; Miller, GH; Clarke, GKC.  Glacier fluctuation and inferred climatology of Langjokull ice cap through the Little Ice Age.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2007,  26: 2337-2353 DOI
2. Huntington, HP; Boyle, M; Flowers, GE; Weatherly, JW; Hamilton, LC; Hinzman, L; Gerlach, C; Zulueta, R; Nicolson, C; Overpeck, J.  The influence of human activity in the Arctic on climate and climate impacts.   Clim. Change,  2007,  82: 77-92 DOI
1. Flowers, GE; Marshall, SJ; Bjornsson, H; Clarke, GKC.  Sensitivity of Vatnajokull ice cap hydrology and dynamics to climate warming over the next 2 centuries.   J. Geophys. Res.-Earth Surf.,  2005,  110 DOI
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