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24. Rinke-Hardekopf, L; Dashtgard, SE; Huang, C; Gibson, HD.  Application of grouped detrital zircon analyses to determine provenance and closely approximate true depositional age: Early Cretaceous McMurray-Clearwater succession, Canada.   Geoscience Frontiers,  2021,  12: 877-892 DOI
23. Kent, BAP; Dashtgard, SE; Huang, CQ; MacEachern, JA; Gibson, HD; Cathyl-Huhn, G.  Initiation and early evolution of a forearc basin: Georgia Basin, Canada.   Basin Res.,  2020,  32: 163-185 DOI
22. Huang, C; Dashtgard, SE; Kent, BAP; Gibson, HD; Matthews, WA.  Resolving the Architecture and Early Evolution of a Forearc Basin (Georgia Basin, Canada) Using Detrital Zircon.   Sci Rep,  2019,  9: 15360 DOI  PubMed
21. Monger, JWH; Gibson, HD.  Mesozoic-Cenozoic deformation in the Canadian Cordillera: The record of a "Continental Bulldozer"?   Tectonophysics,  2019,  757: 153-169 DOI
20. Schultz, SK; MacEachern, JA; Gibson, HD.  Late Mesozoic reactivation of Precambrian basement structures and their resulting effects on the sequence stratigraphic architecture of the Viking Formation of east-central Alberta, Canada.   Lithosphere,  2019,  11: 308-321 DOI
19. Thiessen, EJ; Gibson, HD; Regis, D; Pehrsson, SJ; Cutts, JA; Smit, MA.  High-grade metamorphism flying under the radar of accessory minerals.   Geology,  2019,  47: 568-572 DOI
18. Parsons, AJ; Coleman, MJ; Ryan, JJ; Zagorevski, A; Joyce, NL; Gibson, HD; Larson, KP.  Structural evolution of a crustal-scale shear zone through a decreasing temperature regime: The Yukon River shear zone,Yukon-Tanana terrane, Northern Cordillera.   Lithosphere,  2018,  10: 760-782 DOI
17. Thiessen, EJ; Gibson, HD; Regis, D; Pehrsson, SJ.  Deformation and extensional exhumation of 1.9 Ga high-pressure granulites along the Wholdaia Lake shear zone, south Rae craton, Northwest Territories, Canada.   Lithosphere,  2018,  10: 641-661 DOI
16. Verbaas, J; Thorkelson, DJ; Crowley, J; Davis, WJ; Foster, DA; Gibson, HD; Marshall, DD; Milidragovic, D.  A sedimentary overlap assemblage links Australia to northwestern Laurentia at 1.6 Ga.   Precambrian Res.,  2018,  305: 19-39 DOI
15. Verbaas, J; Thorkelson, DJ; Milidragovic, D; Crowley, JL; Foster, D; Gibson, HD; Marshall, DD.  Rifting of western Laurentia at 1.38 Ga: The Hart River sills of Yukon, Canada.   Lithos,  2018,  316: 243-260 DOI
14. Brown, SR; Andrews, GDM; Gibson, HD.  Corrugated architecture of the Okanagan Valley shear zone and the Shuswap metamorphic complex, Canadian Cordillera.   Lithosphere,  2016,  8: 412-421 DOI
13. Furlanetto, F; Thorkelson, DJ; Rainbird, RH; Davis, WJ; Gibson, HD; Marshall, DD.  The Paleoproterozoic Wernecke Supergroup of Yukon, Canada: Relationships to orogeny in northwestern Laurentia and basins in North America, East Australia, and China.   Gondwana Res.,  2016,  39: 14-40 DOI
12. Staples, R; Gibson, HD; Colpron, M; Ryan, JJ.  An orogenic wedge model for diachronous deformation, metamorphism, and exhumation in the hinterland of the northern Canadian Cordillera.   Lithosphere,  2016,  8: 165-184 DOI
11. Mayer, JM; Allen, DM; Gibson, HD; Mackie, DC.  Application of statistical approaches to analyze geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological data at a fractured-rock mine site in Northern Canada.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2014,  22: 1707-1723 DOI
10. Medig, KPR; Thorkelson, DJ; Davis, WJ; Rainbird, RH; Gibson, HD; Turner, EC; Marshall, DD.  Pinning northeastern Australia to northwestern Laurentia in the Mesoproterozoic.   Precambrian Res.,  2014,  249: 88-99 DOI
9. Staples, RD; Murphy, DC; Gibson, HD; Colpron, M; Berman, RG; Ryan, JJ.  Middle Jurassic to earliest Cretaceous mid-crustal tectono-metamorphism in the northern Canadian Cordillera: Recording foreland-directed migration of an orogenic front.   Geol. Soc. Am. Bull.,  2014,  126: 1511-1530 DOI
8. Furlanetto, F; Thorkelson, DJ; Gibson, HD; Marshall, DD; Rainbird, RH; Davis, WJ; Crowley, JL; Vervoort, JD.  Late Paleoproterozoic terrane accretion in northwestern Canada and the case for circum-Columbian orogenesis.   Precambrian Res.,  2013,  224: 512-528 DOI
7. Nielsen, AB; Thorkelson, DJ; Gibson, HD; Marshall, DD.  The Wernecke igneous clasts in Yukon, Canada: Fragments of the Paleoproterozoic volcanic arc terrane Bonnetia.   Precambrian Res.,  2013,  238: 78-92 DOI
6. Staples, RD; Gibson, HD; Berman, RG; Ryan, JJ; Colpron, M.  A window into the Early to mid-Cretaceous infrastructure of the Yukon-Tanana terrane recorded in multi-stage garnet of west-central Yukon, Canada.   J. Metamorph. Geol.,  2013,  31: 729-753 DOI
5. Brown, SR; Gibson, HD; Andrews, GDM; Thorkelson, DJ; Marshall, DD; Vervoort, JD; Rayner, N.  New constraints on Eocene extension within the Canadian Cordillera and identification of Phanerozoic protoliths for footwall gneisses of the Okanagan Valley shear zone.   Lithosphere,  2012,  4: 354-377 DOI
4. Crowley, JL; Brown, RL; Gervais, F; Gibson, HD.  Assessing Inheritance of Zircon and Monazite in Granitic Rocks from the Monashee Complex, Canadian Cordillera.   J. Petrol.,  2008,  49: 1915-1929 DOI
3. Gibson, HD; Brown, RL; Carr, SD.  Tectonic evolution of the Selkirk fan, southeastern Canadian Cordillera: A composite Middle Jurassic-Cretaceous orogenic structure.   Tectonics,  2008,  27 DOI
2. Brown, RL; Gibson, HD.  An argument for channel flow in the southern Canadian Cordillera and comparison with Himalayan tectonics.   Geol. Soc. Spec. Publ.,  2006,  268: 543-+ DOI
1. Gibson, HD; Brown, RL; Carr, SD.  U-Th-Pb geochronologic constraints on the structural evolution of the Selkirk fan, northern Selkirk Mountains, southern Canadian Cordillera.   J. Struct. Geol.,  2005,  27: 1899-1924 DOI
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