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21. Garrett, E; Pilarczyk, JE; Brill, D.  Preface to marine geology special issue: Geological Records of Extreme Wave Events.   Mar. Geol.,  2018,  396: 1-5 DOI
20. Hong, I; Pilarczyk, JE; Horton, BP; Fritz, HM; Kosciuch, TJ; Wallace, DJ; Dike, C; Rarai, A; Harrison, MJ; Jockley, FR.  Sedimentological characteristics of the 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam overwash sediments from Vanuatu, South Pacific.   Mar. Geol.,  2018,  396: 205-214 DOI
19. Kosciuch, TJ; Pilarczyk, JE; Hong, I; Fritz, HM; Horton, BP; Rarai, A; Harrison, MJ; Jockley, FR.  Foraminifera reveal a shallow nearshore origin for overwash sediments deposited by Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu (South Pacific).   Mar. Geol.,  2018,  396: 171-185 DOI
18. Soria, JLA; Switzer, AD; Pilarczyk, JE; Tang, H; Weiss, R; Siringan, F; Manglicmot, M; Gallentes, A; Lau, AYA; Cheong, AYL; Koh, TWL.  Surf beat-induced overwash during Typhoon Haiyan deposited two distinct sediment assemblages on the carbonate coast of Hernani, Samar, central Philippines.   Mar. Geol.,  2018,  396: 215-230 DOI
17. Dura, T; Horton, BP; Cisternas, M; Ely, LL; Hong, I; Nelson, AR; Wesson, RL; Pilarczyk, JE; Parnell, AC; Nikitina, D.  Subduction zone slip variability during the last millennium, south-central Chile.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2017,  175: 112-137 DOI
16. Rubin, CM; Horton, BP; Sieh, K; Pilarczyk, JE; Daly, P; Ismail, N; Parnell, AC.  Highly variable recurrence of tsunamis in the 7,400 years before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.   Nat. Commun.,  2017,  8 DOI  PubMed
15. Soria, JLA; Switzer, AD; Pilarczyk, JE; Siringan, FP; Khan, NS; Fritz, HM.  Typhoon Haiyan overwash sediments from Leyte Gulf coastlines show local spatial variations with hybrid storm and tsunami signatures.   Sediment. Geol.,  2017,  358: 121-138 DOI
14. Matsumoto, D; Sawai, Y; Yamada, M; Namegaya, Y; Shinozaki, T; Takeda, D; Fujino, S; Tanigawa, K; Nakamura, A; Pilarczyk, JE.  Erosion and sedimentation during the September 2015 flooding of the Kinu River, central Japan.   Sci Rep,  2016,  6 DOI  PubMed
13. Pilarczyk, JE; Horton, BP; Soria, JLA; Switzer, AD; Siringan, F; Fritz, HM; Khan, NS; Ildefonso, S; Doctor, AA; Garcia, ML.  Micropaleontology of the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan overwash sediments from the Leyte Gulf, Philippines.   Sediment. Geol.,  2016,  339: 104-114 DOI
12. Dura, T; Cisternas, M; Horton, BP; Ely, LL; Nelson, AR; Wesson, RL; Pilarczyk, JE.  Coastal evidence for Holocene subduction-zone earthquakes and tsunamis in central Chile.   Quat. Sci. Rev.,  2015,  113: 93-111 DOI
11. Kelsey, HM; Engelhart, SE; Pilarczyk, JE; Horton, BP; Rubin, CM; Daryono, MR; Ismail, N; Hawkes, AD; Bernhardt, CE; Cahill, N.  Accommodation space, relative sea level, and the archiving of paleo-earthquakes along subduction zones.   Geology,  2015,  43: 675-678 DOI
10. Sieh, K; Daly, P; McKinnon, EE; Pilarczyk, JE; Chiang, HW; Horton, B; Rubin, CM; Shen, CC; Ismail, N; Vane, CH; Feener, RM.  Penultimate predecessors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Aceh, Sumatra: Stratigraphic, archeological, and historical evidence.   J. Geophys. Res.-Solid Earth,  2015,  120: 308-325 DOI
9. Brown, AL; Reinhardt, EG; van Hengstum, PJ; Pilarczyk, JE.  A Coastal Yucatan Sinkhole Records Intense Hurricane Events.   J. Coast. Res.,  2014,  30: 418-428 DOI
8. Pilarczyk, JE; Dura, T; Horton, BP; Engelhart, SE; Kemp, AC; Sawai, Y.  Microfossils from coastal environments as indicators of paleo-earthquakes, tsunamis and storms.   Paleogeogr. Paleoclimatol. Paleoecol.,  2014,  413: 144-157 DOI
7. Pilarczyk, JE; Goff, J; Mountjoy, J; Lamarche, G; Pelletier, B; Horton, BP.  Sediment transport trends from a tropical Pacific lagoon as indicated by Homotrema rubra taphonomy: Wallis Island, Polynesia.   Mar. Micropaleontol.,  2014,  109: 21-29 DOI
6. Pilarczyk, JE; Horton, BP; Witter, RC; Vane, CH; Chague-Goff, C; Goff, J.  Sedimentary and foraminiferal evidence of the 2011 Tohoku-oki tsunami on the Sendai coastal plain, Japan.   Sediment. Geol.,  2012,  282: 78-89 DOI
5. Pilarczyk, JE; Reinhardt, EG.  Homotrema rubrum (Lamarck) taphonomy as an overwash indicator in Marine Ponds on Anegada, British Virgin Islands.   Nat. Hazards,  2012,  63: 85-100 DOI
4. Pilarczyk, JE; Reinhardt, EG.  Testing foraminiferal taphonomy as a tsunami indicator in a shallow arid system lagoon: Sur, Sultanate of Oman.   Mar. Geol.,  2012,  295: 128-136 DOI
3. Reinhardt, EG; Pilarczyk, J; Brown, A.  Probable tsunami origin for a Shell and Sand Sheet from marine ponds on Anegada, British Virgin Islands.   Nat. Hazards,  2012,  63: 101-117 DOI
2. Pilarczyk, JE; Reinhardt, EG; Boyce, JI; Schwarcz, HP; Donato, SV.  Assessing surficial foraminiferal distributions as an overwash indicator in Sur Lagoon, Sultanate of Oman.   Mar. Micropaleontol.,  2011,  80: 62-73 DOI
1. Donato, SV; Reinhardt, EG; Boyce, JI; Pilarczyk, JE; Jupp, BP.  Particle-size distribution of inferred tsunami deposits in Sur Lagoon, Sultanate of Oman.   Mar. Geol.,  2009,  257: 54-64 DOI
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