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269. Asafuah, Thomas.  Seismic constraints on the volcanoes and upper crustal structure of the Mariana island arc.   Supervisor: Calvert,  2022,    Download from SFU
268. Bowie, Sarah.  Late Cretaceous to Paleogene tectonometamorphic evolution of the Shuswap Metamorphic Complex, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Gibson,  2022,    Download from SFU
267. Carter, Maria.  Metamorphosed mafic rocks in the Pinal Schist, Little Dragoon Mountains, Arizona: field, geochemical and isotopic constraints on the evolution of southwestern Laurentia.   ,  2022,    Download from SFU
266. Fischer, William (Bill).  Tourmaline Breccia Pipes of the Giant Copper Property, Southern British Columbia: Understanding the Significance of Tourmaline and Breccia Pipes as Vectoring Tools in Porphyry Copper Deposits.   Supervisor: Marshall,  2022,    Download from SFU
265. Girotto, Kristian.  Tectono-stratigraphic model for the early evolution of the Late Cretaceous Nanaimo Group: Georgia Basin, British Columbia, Canada.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2022,  
264. Gullacher, April.  Groundwater Drought: Developing Quantitative Indicators and Mapping Drought Susceptible Aquifer - Stream Systems in British Columbia.   Supervisor: Allen,  2022,    Download from SFU
263. Hammond, Zidra.  Evaluating the Feasibility of using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Hydrogeologic Units in Complex Glacial Deposits.   Supervisor: Allen,  2022,    Download from SFU
262. Krossa, Kelsey.  Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Monashee Complex: New Insight from In-situ U-Th-Pb Petrochronology on Metamorphic Monazite.   ,  2022,    Download from SFU
261. Martinolich, Matthew.  Characterizing the Baseline Hydro geochemistry of a Shallow Groundwater System in the Peace Region, Northeast British Columbia.   Supervisor: Kirste,  2022,  292  SFU Summit Download
260. Sellars, Samantha.  Seismic Reflection Imaging of the High-Grade Narryer Terrane in the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia.   Supervisor: Calvert,  2022,    Download from SFU
259. Silerova, Dana.  Constraining the timing and duration of ductile deformation in the Great Slave Lake shear zone, Northwest Territories, Canada.   Supervisor: Gibson/Dyck,  2022,    Download from SFU
258. Unnsteinsson, Tryggvi.  Modelling glaciovolcanic caves and chimneys.   Supervisor: Flowers/Williams-Jones,  2022,    Download from SFU
257. Vandenbrink, Colin.  Melt Inclusions and Their Implications for Magma Residence Time at Mount Meager, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2022,    Download from SFU
256. Whelan, Nora.  Geochronology of Landslides in the Kluane Lake Region, Southwest Yukon.   Supervisor:,  2022,  
255. Allen, Andrew J.  Geochemical Compositions of Subsurface Materials and the Potential Impacts on Groundwater Quality from Fugitive Methane within the Peace Region, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Kirste,  2021,  
254. Chang, Omar.  Application of Mixed and Virtual Reality in Geoscience and Engineering Geology.   Supervisor: Stead,  2021,    Download from SFU
253. DesRosiers, Patrick.  The Effect of Deglacial Meltwater Processes in Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Concentrations in Glacial Sediments.   Supervisor: Ward,  2021,    Download from SFU
252. Giang, Anthony.  1,000-yr record of paleotsunamis impacting Ahuriri Lagoon (Hawke's Bay), New Zealand.   ,  2021,    Download from SFU
251. Hunter, Stephanie.  Reconstructing Groundwater Levels from Tree Ring Widths in the North American Cordillera.   Supervisor: Allen,  2021,    Download from SFU
250. Johnson, Bryn.  Mapping the Likelihood of Flowing Artesian Conditions in the Okanagan Basin and Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Allen,  2021,  
249. Kremsater, Ryan.  Investigating the potential hazard, mechanisms of failure, and evolution of the Cascade Bay landslide.   Supervisor: Stead,  2021,    Download from SFU
248. Mitton, Adam.  An Ecological Assessment of Aquifer-Stream Connectivity in a Groundwater Dependent Stream.   Supervisor: Allen,  2021,  
247. Nicol, Carol-Anne.  Fluid Inclusion, Stable Isotope and 40Ar/39Ar Studies for the Halo-Shakiso Emerald Deposit of Southern Ethiopia.   Supervisor: Marshall,  2021,  
246. Piller, Taylor.  Characterizing Checkerboard Creek Rock Slope using a Combined Remote Sensing – Numerical Modelling Approach.   Supervisor: Stead,  2021,  
245. Rinke-Hardekopf, Lucian.  Utilizing Sedimentology and Geochronology to resolve the Architecture of Paralic Strata in Low-Accommodation Systems, McMurray Formation, Canada.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2021,    Download from SFU
244. Schultz, Sarah.  Sequence Stratigraphy of the Viking Formation in Central Alberta.   Supervisor: MacEachern,  2021,    Download from SFU
243. Binner, Megan.  Implications of early halo type veins at the IKE copper-molybdenum-silver porphyry deposit, British Columbia, Canada: alteration studies as a guide to ore grade.   Supervisor: Marshall,  2020,    Download from SFU
242. Chateâu, Chloé.  Reconstructing depositional architecture and stratigraphy of coastal- to shallow-marine strata in a low-accommodation system: McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2020,    Download from SFU
241. Dewit, Megan.  Applications of terrestrial LiDAR, infrared thermography and photogrammetry for mapping volcanic rocks in southern British Columbia.   Supervisor: Stead/ Williams-Jones,  2020,    Download from SFU
240. Diaz, Nakari.  Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of the Viking Formation in Crossfield and Adjacent Areas, Alberta, Canada.   Supervisor: MacEachern,  2020,    Download from SFU
239. LeMoigne, Yannick.  Investigating Canada's Deadliest Volcanic Eruption and Mitigating Future Hazards.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2020,    Download from SFU
238. Ogloff, Anastasia.  The Murray dyke swarm and its bearing on Cretaceous magmatism and tectonics in the Canadian Cordillera.   Supervisor: Thorkelson,  2020,    Download from SFU
237. Rosales, Teresa.  Modelling Wastewater Spills and Mapping Areas Most Vulnerable to Groundwater Quality Deterioration in Northeast British Columbia.   Supervisor: Kirste,  2020,    Download from SFU
236. Walters, Miranda.  Integrated Ichnological, Sedimentological, and Geochronological Analysis of the Late Cretaceous Upper Nanaimo Group, Saltspring Island, B.C., Canada.   Supervisor: MacEachern,  2020,    Download from SFU
235. Warwick, Rachel.  A comprehensive Volcanic Hazard Assessment for Mount Meager Volcanic Complex, B.C.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2020,    Download from SFU
234. Bigelow, David.  The role of englacial hydrology in the filling and drainage of an ice-dammed lake, Kaskawulsh Glacier, Yukon, Canada.   Supervisor: Flowers,  2019,    Download from SFU
233. Broadbent, Jonathan.  Shoreline Geometry and Depositional Architecture of Wave-Dominated Deltaic Successions: Upper McMurray Formation, Central-C Area,  Northeast Alberta, Canada.   Supervisor: MacEachern,  2019,    Download from SFU
232. Calahorrano, Antonina.  Time-lapse Gravity Monitoring at Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador: A Glimpse Inside a Restless Colossus.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2019,    Download from SFU
231. Crompton, Jeff.  The influence of bedrock geology on glacier dynamics in the St. Elias Mountains, Yukon, Canada.   Supervisor: Flowers,  2019,    Download from SFU
230. Cronmiller, Derek.  Surficial Geology, Stratigraphy, and Placer Deposits of the Ruby Range, Yukon Territory.   Supervisor: Ward,  2019,    Download from SFU
229. Donati, Davide.  The characterization of slope damage using an integrated remote sensing-numerical modelling approach.   Supervisor: Stead,  2019,    Download from SFU
228. Golovetskyy, Maksym.  Assessing the ‘magma-loading’ model for prograde metamorphism in continental arcs: a case study from Harrison Lake, British Columbia.   ,  2019,    Download from SFU
227. Ma, Frank.  Merging Earth Science with Environmental Education for Teachers through Inquiry, Constructivist and Place-based Learning.   Supervisor: Van der Flier-Keller,  2019,    Download from SFU
226. Mysiorek, Jesse.  Engineering Geological Characterization of the 2014 Jure Nepal Landslide: An Integrated Field, Remote Sensing-Virtual/Mixed Reality Approach.   Supervisor: Stead,  2019,    Download from SFU
225. Thiessen, Eric.  Paleoproterozoic tectonometamorphic evolution of the southeastern Rae craton margin.   Supervisor: Gibson,  2019,    Download from SFU
224. Venugopal, Swetha.  Magmatic Sources to Volcanic Gas Emissions: Insight from the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt,Western Canada.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2019,    Download from SFU
223. Allen, Andrew.  Sources and Distribution of Arsenic in Groundwater on the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.   ,  2018,    Download from SFU
222. Borchert, Sean.  Sedimentology, Ichnology and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Viking Formation in the Chedderville Field Area, Alberta, Canada.   Supervisor: MacEachern,  2018,    Download from SFU
221. Bystron, Ismena.  GIS-Based Analysis of Spring Occurrence and Spring Source Areas in the Peace River Regional District, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Kirste,  2018,    Download from SFU
220. Dandurand, Reuben.  Investigating Regional Groundwater Flow Influences on Slope Stability in Unlithified Materials.   Supervisor: Allen,  2018,    Download from SFU
219. Danielson, John.  An investigation into the time dependent deformation behaviour of open pit slopes at Gibraltar Mine, BC, Canada.   Supervisor: Stead,  2018,    Download from SFU
218. Desaunoy, Laura.  Investigating the Geochemistry of Selenium in the Residual from Biologically Treated Mine-Impacted Waters.   Supervisor: Kirste,  2018,    Download from SFU
217. Dierauer, Jennifer.  Snow Drought and Streamflow Drought in Western North America in the Context of a Warming Climate.   Supervisor: Allen,  2018,    Download from SFU
216. Griffing, Corinne.  Late Cenozoic Glaciations and Environments in Southernmost Patagonia.   Supervisor: Clague/ Ward,  2018,    Download from SFU
215. Huang, Chuqiao.  Challenging the lithostratigraphy of the lower Nanaimo Group, Vancouver Island, Canada – Evidence from detrital zircon geochronology.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2018,    Download from SFU
214. Hume, Dillon.  Structural and Mineralogical controls of gold mineralization at the Tajitos project, Sonora, Mexico.   Supervisor: Marshall,  2018,    Download from SFU
213. Hutchinson, Lauren.  Characterization of Landform Evolution and Slope Response to the 2015 Earthquake Sequence and Annual Monsoon in Central Nepal.   Supervisor: Stead,  2018,    Download from SFU
212. Jean, Thomas.  The Eastern Flank: Predicting the Architecture of the McMurray Formation Beyond its Subcrop Edge.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2018,    Download from SFU
211. Johnson, Brynje.  Aquifer-Stream Connectivity at Otter Park, Langley, BC.   ,  2018,    Download from SFU
210. Jurykovsky, Koeben.  Preliminary investigation of a deep-seated gravitational slope deformation at Hawkesbury Island, British Columbia.   ,  2018,    Download from SFU
209. Kent, Bryan.  Early evolution of a forearc basin: Georgia Basin, Vancouver Island, Canada.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2018,    Download from SFU
208. Morgan, Samantha.  Investigating the role of buried valley aquifer systems in the regional hydrogeology of the central Peace Region in Northeast British Columbia.   Supervisor: Allen,  2018,    Download from SFU
207. Roberti, Gioachino.  Mount Meager, a glaciated volcano in a changing cryosphere:hazard and risk challenges.   Supervisor: Ward,  2018,    Download from SFU
206. Simons, Matthew.  Numerical Modeling of Highly Saline Wastewater Disposal in Northeast British Columbia.   Supervisor: Allen,  2018,    Download from SFU
205. Vera, Orlando.  Sedimentological and Ichnological Characterization of Small- and Large-Scale Channel IHS in the Middle McMurray Formation of the Central-C area, McMurray Sub-Basin, Alberta.   Supervisor: MacEachern,  2018,    Download from SFU
204. Whistler, Allegra.  Investigating the Thermo-Hydraulic Regime of Union Creek, Langley B.C.   ,  2018,    Download from SFU
203. Basiru, Morufu.  In Search of Cordilleran Point Sources to the McMurray Sub-Basin.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2017,    Download from SFU
202. Beaud, Flavien.  Numerical investigations of subglacial hydrology as a direct and indirect driver of glacial erosion.   Supervisor: Flowers,  2017,    Download from SFU
201. Burgess, Ryan.  Characterizing Recharge to Fractured Bedrock in a Temperate Climate.   Supervisor: Allen,  2017,    Download from SFU
200. Clark, Andy.  Tectonometamorphic history of mid-crustal rocks at Aishihik Lake, southwest Yukon.   Supervisor: Gibson,  2017,    Download from SFU
199. Coleman, Mark.  Structural and Petrofabric Analysis of the Yukon.   ,  2017,    Download from SFU
198. Griffin, Libby.  Optical dating of stabilized parabolic dunes, Savary Island, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Ward,  2017,    Download from SFU
197. Haiblen, Snowy.  Glacial history and landform genesis in the Lac de Gras area, Northwest Territories.   Supervisor: Ward,  2017,    Download from SFU
196. Hall, Glen.  Investigating Aquifer-Stream Connectivity at Steele Park, Langley, BC.   ,  2017,    Download from SFU
195. Lau, Carie-Ann.  Channel scour on temperate alluvial fans in British Columbia.   Supervisor: Ward,  2017,    Download from SFU
194. Lupogo, Kenneth.  Characterization of blast damage in rock slopes: An integrated field-numerical modelling approach.   Supervisor: Stead,  2017,    Download from SFU
193. Makin, Sarah.  Developing fluorite as a geochemical pathfinder mineral using globally reported REE-Y contents.   Supervisor: Marshall,  2017,    Download from SFU
192. Medig, Kirsti.  Sedimentology, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of unit PR1 of the lower Fifteenmile Group and the Pinguicula Group, Wernecke and Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon, Canada: Mesoproterozoic environments and paleocontinental reconstructions.   Supervisor: Thorkelson,  2017,    Download from SFU
191. Miller, Craig.  Volcanic Architecture and Unrest processes: Insights from Static and Time-varying Potential Field Models.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2017,    Download from SFU
190. Moase, Emily.  Guidance for debris-flow mitigation design in Canada.   Supervisor: Stead,  2017,    Download from SFU
189. Neil, Benjamin.  Depositional Age, Provenance and Tectonic Significance of the Porter Lake and Lynx Lake Outliers, South Rae Craton, Northwest Territories.   ,  2017,    Download from SFU
188. Pulwicki, Alexandra.  Multi-scale investigation of winter balance on alpine glaciers.   Supervisor: Flowers,  2017,    Download from SFU
187. Rathay, Sarah.  Response of a Fractured Bedrock Aquifer to Recharge from Heavy Rainfall Events.   Supervisor: Allen,  2017,    Download from SFU
186. Sampaleanu, Christian.  The Role of Intact Rock Fracture in Rockfall Initiation.   Supervisor: Stead,  2017,    Download from SFU
185. Vayavur, Rajesh.  Seismic and potential field constraints on the shallow crustal structure of inner Bering shelf, offshore southwestern Alaska.   Supervisor: Calvert,  2017,    Download from SFU
184. Verbaas, Jaap.  Paleoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic evolution of Yukon Territory, Canada.   Supervisor: Thorkelson,  2017,    Download from SFU
183. Vice, Lianna.  Late Cretaceous to Paleocene evolution of the Blanchard River assemblage, southwest Yukon; implications for Mesozoic accretionary processes in the northwestern Cordillera.   Supervisor: Gibson,  2017,    Download from SFU
182. Weleschuk, Zennon.  Channelized Deposits and Regional Parasequence Sets of the Grouse Paleovalley: McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2017,    Download from SFU
181. Westin, Allison.  Downie Slide: An integrated remote sensing approach to characterization of a very slow moving landslide.   Supervisor: Stead,  2017,    Download from SFU
180. Croquet, Eryne.  Paleoclimatic reconstruction using paleosol and macrofossil interpretation in Chehalis Valley.   Supervisor: Ward,  2016,    Download from SFU
179. Cullen, Justine.  Optical Dating Studies of southeastern Patagonian Sand Wedges in Chile and Argentina.   Supervisor: Clague,  2016,    Download from SFU
178. Dubman, Rita.  Petrogenesis and significance of Schist Creek mafic-ultramafic complex, SW Yukon.   ,  2016,    Download from SFU
177. Harrington, Elise.  Thermorheological Modeling of Venusian Canali.   ,  2016,    Download from SFU
176. Jones, Macy.  Stratigraphy and architecture of shallow-marine strata on an active margin, lower Nanaimo Group, Vancouver Island, BC.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2016,    Download from SFU
175. Middleton, Mary Ann.  Aquifer - Stream Connectivity at Various Scales: Application of Sediment ­ Water Interface Temperature and Vulnerability Assesssments of Groundwater Dependent Streams.   Supervisor: Allen,  2016,    Download from SFU
174. Roberts, Nick.  Late Cenozoic geology of La Paz, Bolivia, and its relation to landslide activity.   Supervisor: Clague,  2016,    Download from SFU
173. Roots, Eric.  Application of seismic interferometry to imaging a crystalline rock environment at an active VMS mine in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada.   Supervisor: Calvert,  2016,    Download from SFU
172. Theny, Lucia.  Age, formation and tectonism of the Neoproterozic Ruddock Creek zinc-lead deposit and host Windermere Supergroup, northern Monashee Mountains, southern Canadian Cordillera.   Supervisor: Gibson,  2016,    Download from SFU
171. Van Pelt, Stephanie.  Modeling Paleorecharge on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.   Supervisor: Allen,  2016,    Download from SFU
170. Zurek, Jeffrey.  Multidisciplinary Investigation of the volcanic Evolution of Basaltic Calderas.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2016,    Download from SFU
169. Calhoun, Nancy.  LiDAR and geomorphic characterisation of landslide-induced liquefaction deposits in the eastern Swiss Alps.   Supervisor: Clague,  2015,    Download from SFU
168. Frank, Anja.  Predicting the geochemical effects of SO2 impurities during carbon storage: Batch experiments and reaction path geochemical modelling.   Supervisor: Kirste,  2015,    Download from SFU
167. Friesen, Oliver.  Permeability Heterogeneity in Bioturbated Strata, Cardium Formation, Pembina Field, and the Identification of Potential Waterflood Opportunities.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2015,    Download from SFU
166. Furlanetto, Francesca.  The evolution of the late PaleoproterozoicWernecke Supergroup, Wernecke Mountains, Yukon, from sedimentation to deformation.   Supervisor: Thorkelson,  2015,    Download from SFU
165. Hamdi, Pooya.  Characterization of Brittle Damage in Rock from the Micro to Macro Scale.   Supervisor: Stead,  2015,    Download from SFU
164. Hashmi, Sarah.  Quaternary geology and drift prospecting in the Mount Polley region (NTS 093A).   Supervisor: Ward,  2015,    Download from SFU
163. Havaej, Mohsen.  Characterisation of high rock slopes using an integrated numerical modelling - remote sensing approach.   Supervisor: Stead,  2015,    Download from SFU
162. Hsieh, Amy.  Geostatistical modeling and upscaling permeability for reservoir scale modeling in bioturbated, heterogeneous tight reservoir rock: Viking Fm, Provost Field, Alberta.   Supervisor: MacEachern/Allen,  2015,    Download from SFU
161. Klasssen, Jeanette.  Assessing the Risk of Saltwater Intrusion on the Gulf Islands, BC.   Supervisor: Allen,  2015,    Download from SFU
160. LaCroix, Andrew.  Modern and Ancient Perspectives on Deposition Across the Tidal/Fluvial Transition in Rivers.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2015,    Download from SFU
159. Mayer, John.  Applications of uncertainty theory to rock mechanics and geotechnical mine design.   Supervisor: Stead,  2015,    Download from SFU
158. Smith, Kristyn.  Constraining accretion rates in a tide-dominated, freshwater river (Pitt River, Canada) and implications for lateral accretion of channels in the tidal-fluvial transition.   Supervisor: Dashtgard,  2015,    Download from SFU
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155. Clayton, Anne.  Characterization and Analysis of the Mitchell Creek Landslide: A Large-scale Rock Slope Instability in north-western British Columbia.   Supervisor: Stead,  2014,    Download from SFU
154. Dewit, Megan.  The Geothermal Potential of Nazko Cone, British Columbia.   ,  2014,    Download from SFU
153. Ertolahti, Leila.  Contemporary subsidence and settlement of the Fraser River delta inferred from SqueeSARTM-type InSAR data.   Supervisor: Clague,  2014,    Download from SFU
152. Fath, Jared.  Late Holocene history of Squamish River north of Brackendale, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Clague,  2014,    Download from SFU
151. Foster, Simon.  Characterizing Groundwater ­ Surface Water Interactions within a Mountain to Ocean Watershed, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Allen,  2014,    Download from SFU
150. Holding, Shannon.  Risk to Water Security on Small Islands: A Numerical Modeling Approach.   Supervisor: Allen,  2014,    Download from SFU
149. Larocque, Isabelle.  The Hydrogeology of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Allen,  2014,    Download from SFU
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143. Twomey, Vince.  Three Dimensional Strain Distribution and Deformation Temperature Interpreted from Quartz Microstructures and Petrofabrics in the Okanagan Valley Shearzone, Southern Canadian Cordillera.   Supervisor: Gibson,  2014,    Download from SFU
142. Venugopal, Swetha.  Melt Inclusions and their Implications of an Interconnceted Magma Chamber Beneath Cerro Negro Volcano and Las Pilas-El Hoyo Complex Nicaragua.   ,  2014,    Download from SFU
141. Vivas, Janisse.  Groundwater Characterization and Modelling in Natural and Open Pit Rock Slopes.   Supervisor: Stead,  2014,    Download from SFU
140. Wolter, Andrea.  Characterisation of Large Catastrophic Landslides using an Integrated Field, Remote Sensing and Numerical Modelling Approach.   Supervisor: Stead/Clague,  2014,    Download from SFU
139. Zaleski, Marty.  Earthquake Loss Estimates, Greater Victoria, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Clague,  2014,    Download from SFU
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136. Gao, Fuqiang.  Simulation of failure mechanisms around underground coal mine openings using discrete element modelling.   Supervisor: Stead,  2013,    Download from SFU
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134. Hanson, Michelle.  Sedimentological and paleomagnetic study of glacial Lake Missoula lacustrine and flood sediments.   Supervisor: Clague,  2013,    Download from SFU
133. Heideman, Marit.  Flood hazard and risk in Lillooet River valley, British Columbia.   Supervisor: Clague,  2013,    Download from SFU
132. Hermanson, Jolene.  Multiphase flow and reactive transport modelling of heterogeneities in CO2 storage reservoirs.   Supervisor: Kirste,  2013,    Download from SFU
131. Jones, Brittan.  Integrated Ichnology and Sedimentology of Mixed River- and Wave-Influenced Delta Complexes, Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly River Formation, Central Alberta, Canada.   Supervisor: MacEachern,  2013,    Download from SFU
130. Loughrey, Lara.  Boiling as a mechanism for colour zonations observed at the Byrud emerald deposit, Eidsvoll, Norway.   Supervisor: Marshall,  2013,    Download from SFU
129. MacQueen, Patricia.  Geophysical Investigations of Magma Plumbing Systems at Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua.   Supervisor: Williams-Jones,  2013,    Download from SFU
128. Mitrovic, Ivanka.  Evolution of the Coast-Cascade Orogen by tectonic thickening and magmatic loading: the Cretaceous Breakenridge Complex, southwestern British Columbia .   Supervisor: Gibson,  2013,    Download from SFU
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124. Morshedian, Alireza.  Sedimentology, Ichnology, and Stratigraphy of the Sparky, Waseca, and McLaren Alloformations, West-Central Saskatchewan, Canada.   Supervisor: MacEachern/Dashtgard,  2012,    Download from SFU
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