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258. Carter, Maria.  (2022)   Metamorphosed mafic rocks in the Pinal Schist, Little Dragoon Mountains, Arizona: field, geochemical and isotopic constraints on the evolution of southwestern Laurentia.    SFU Summit Download
257. Girotto, Kristian.  (2022)   Tectono-stratigraphic model for the early evolution of the Late Cretaceous Nanaimo Group: Georgia Basin, British Columbia, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard
256. Krossa, Kelsey.  (2022)   Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Monashee Complex: New Insight from In-situ U-Th-Pb Petrochronology on Metamorphic Monazite.    SFU Summit Download
255. Allen, Andrew J.  (2021)   Geochemical Compositions of Subsurface Materials and the Potential Impacts on Groundwater Quality from Fugitive Methane within the Peace Region, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Kirste
254. Chang, Omar.  (2021)   Application of Mixed and Virtual Reality in Geoscience and Engineering Geology.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
253. DesRosiers, Patrick.  (2021)   The Effect of Deglacial Meltwater Processes in Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Concentrations in Glacial Sediments.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
252. Giang, Anthony.  (2021)   1,000-yr record of paleotsunamis impacting Ahuriri Lagoon (Hawke's Bay), New Zealand.    SFU Summit Download
251. Hunter, Stephanie.  (2021)   Reconstructing Groundwater Levels from Tree Ring Widths in the North American Cordillera.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
250. Johnson, Bryn.  (2021)   Mapping the Likelihood of Flowing Artesian Conditions in the Okanagan Basin and Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Allen
249. Kremsater, Ryan.  (2021)   Investigating the potential hazard, mechanisms of failure, and evolution of the Cascade Bay landslide.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
248. Mitton, Adam.  (2021)   An Ecological Assessment of Aquifer-Stream Connectivity in a Groundwater Dependent Stream.  Supervisor: Allen
247. Nicol, Carol-Anne.  (2021)   Fluid Inclusion, Stable Isotope and 40Ar/39Ar Studies for the Halo-Shakiso Emerald Deposit of Southern Ethiopia.  Supervisor: Marshall
246. Piller, Taylor.  (2021)   Characterizing Checkerboard Creek Rock Slope using a Combined Remote Sensing – Numerical Modelling Approach.  Supervisor: Stead
245. Rinke-Hardekopf, Lucian.  (2021)   Utilizing Sedimentology and Geochronology to resolve the Architecture of Paralic Strata in Low-Accommodation Systems, McMurray Formation, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
244. Schultz, Sarah.  (2021)   Sequence Stratigraphy of the Viking Formation in Central Alberta.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
243. Binner, Megan.  (2020)   Implications of early halo type veins at the IKE copper-molybdenum-silver porphyry deposit, British Columbia, Canada: alteration studies as a guide to ore grade.  Supervisor: Marshall  SFU Summit Download
242. Chateâu, Chloé.  (2020)   Reconstructing depositional architecture and stratigraphy of coastal- to shallow-marine strata in a low-accommodation system: McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
241. Dewit, Megan.  (2020)   Applications of terrestrial LiDAR, infrared thermography and photogrammetry for mapping volcanic rocks in southern British Columbia.  Supervisor: Stead/ Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
240. Diaz, Nakari.  (2020)   Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of the Viking Formation in Crossfield and Adjacent Areas, Alberta, Canada.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
239. LeMoigne, Yannick.  (2020)   Investigating Canada's Deadliest Volcanic Eruption and Mitigating Future Hazards.  Supervisor: Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
238. Ogloff, Anastasia.  (2020)   The Murray dyke swarm and its bearing on Cretaceous magmatism and tectonics in the Canadian Cordillera.  Supervisor: Thorkelson  SFU Summit Download
237. Rosales, Teresa.  (2020)   Modelling Wastewater Spills and Mapping Areas Most Vulnerable to Groundwater Quality Deterioration in Northeast British Columbia.  Supervisor: Kirste  SFU Summit Download
236. Walters, Miranda.  (2020)   Integrated Ichnological, Sedimentological, and Geochronological Analysis of the Late Cretaceous Upper Nanaimo Group, Saltspring Island, B.C., Canada.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
235. Warwick, Rachel.  (2020)   A comprehensive Volcanic Hazard Assessment for Mount Meager Volcanic Complex, B.C.  Supervisor: Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
234. Bigelow, David.  (2019)   The role of englacial hydrology in the filling and drainage of an ice-dammed lake, Kaskawulsh Glacier, Yukon, Canada.  Supervisor: Flowers  SFU Summit Download
233. Broadbent, Jonathan.  (2019)   Shoreline Geometry and Depositional Architecture of Wave-Dominated Deltaic Successions: Upper McMurray Formation, Central-C Area,  Northeast Alberta, Canada.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
232. Calahorrano, Antonina.  (2019)   Time-lapse Gravity Monitoring at Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador: A Glimpse Inside a Restless Colossus.  Supervisor: Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
231. Crompton, Jeff.  (2019)   The influence of bedrock geology on glacier dynamics in the St. Elias Mountains, Yukon, Canada.  Supervisor: Flowers  SFU Summit Download
230. Cronmiller, Derek.  (2019)   Surficial Geology, Stratigraphy, and Placer Deposits of the Ruby Range, Yukon Territory.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
229. Donati, Davide.  (2019)   The characterization of slope damage using an integrated remote sensing-numerical modelling approach.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
228. Golovetskyy, Maksym.  (2019)   Assessing the ‘magma-loading’ model for prograde metamorphism in continental arcs: a case study from Harrison Lake, British Columbia.    SFU Summit Download
227. Ma, Frank.  (2019)   Merging Earth Science with Environmental Education for Teachers through Inquiry, Constructivist and Place-based Learning.  Supervisor: Van der Flier-Keller  SFU Summit Download
226. Mysiorek, Jesse.  (2019)   Engineering Geological Characterization of the 2014 Jure Nepal Landslide: An Integrated Field, Remote Sensing-Virtual/Mixed Reality Approach.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
225. Thiessen, Eric.  (2019)   Paleoproterozoic tectonometamorphic evolution of the southeastern Rae craton margin.  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
224. Venugopal, Swetha.  (2019)   Magmatic Sources to Volcanic Gas Emissions: Insight from the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt,Western Canada.  Supervisor: Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
223. Allen, Andrew.  (2018)   Sources and Distribution of Arsenic in Groundwater on the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.    SFU Summit Download
222. Borchert, Sean.  (2018)   Sedimentology, Ichnology and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Viking Formation in the Chedderville Field Area, Alberta, Canada.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
221. Bystron, Ismena.  (2018)   GIS-Based Analysis of Spring Occurrence and Spring Source Areas in the Peace River Regional District, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Kirste  SFU Summit Download
220. Dandurand, Reuben.  (2018)   Investigating Regional Groundwater Flow Influences on Slope Stability in Unlithified Materials.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
219. Danielson, John.  (2018)   An investigation into the time dependent deformation behaviour of open pit slopes at Gibraltar Mine, BC, Canada.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
218. Desaunoy, Laura.  (2018)   Investigating the Geochemistry of Selenium in the Residual from Biologically Treated Mine-Impacted Waters.  Supervisor: Kirste  SFU Summit Download
217. Dierauer, Jennifer.  (2018)   Snow Drought and Streamflow Drought in Western North America in the Context of a Warming Climate.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
216. Griffing, Corinne.  (2018)   Late Cenozoic Glaciations and Environments in Southernmost Patagonia.  Supervisor: Clague/ Ward  SFU Summit Download
215. Huang, Chuqiao.  (2018)   Challenging the lithostratigraphy of the lower Nanaimo Group, Vancouver Island, Canada – Evidence from detrital zircon geochronology.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
214. Hume, Dillon.  (2018)   Structural and Mineralogical controls of gold mineralization at the Tajitos project, Sonora, Mexico.  Supervisor: Marshall  SFU Summit Download
213. Hutchinson, Lauren.  (2018)   Characterization of Landform Evolution and Slope Response to the 2015 Earthquake Sequence and Annual Monsoon in Central Nepal.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
212. Jean, Thomas.  (2018)   The Eastern Flank: Predicting the Architecture of the McMurray Formation Beyond its Subcrop Edge.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
211. Johnson, Brynje.  (2018)   Aquifer-Stream Connectivity at Otter Park, Langley, BC.    SFU Summit Download
210. Jurykovsky, Koeben.  (2018)   Preliminary investigation of a deep-seated gravitational slope deformation at Hawkesbury Island, British Columbia.    SFU Summit Download
209. Kent, Bryan.  (2018)   Early evolution of a forearc basin: Georgia Basin, Vancouver Island, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
208. Morgan, Samantha.  (2018)   Investigating the role of buried valley aquifer systems in the regional hydrogeology of the central Peace Region in Northeast British Columbia.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
207. Roberti, Gioachino.  (2018)   Mount Meager, a glaciated volcano in a changing cryosphere:hazard and risk challenges.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
206. Simons, Matthew.  (2018)   Numerical Modeling of Highly Saline Wastewater Disposal in Northeast British Columbia.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
205. Vera, Orlando.  (2018)   Sedimentological and Ichnological Characterization of Small- and Large-Scale Channel IHS in the Middle McMurray Formation of the Central-C area, McMurray Sub-Basin, Alberta.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
204. Whistler, Allegra.  (2018)   Investigating the Thermo-Hydraulic Regime of Union Creek, Langley B.C.    SFU Summit Download
203. Basiru, Morufu.  (2017)   In Search of Cordilleran Point Sources to the McMurray Sub-Basin.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
202. Beaud, Flavien.  (2017)   Numerical investigations of subglacial hydrology as a direct and indirect driver of glacial erosion.  Supervisor: Flowers  SFU Summit Download
201. Burgess, Ryan.  (2017)   Characterizing Recharge to Fractured Bedrock in a Temperate Climate.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
200. Clark, Andy.  (2017)   Tectonometamorphic history of mid-crustal rocks at Aishihik Lake, southwest Yukon.  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
199. Coleman, Mark.  (2017)   Structural and Petrofabric Analysis of the Yukon.    SFU Summit Download
198. Griffin, Libby.  (2017)   Optical dating of stabilized parabolic dunes, Savary Island, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
197. Haiblen, Snowy.  (2017)   Glacial history and landform genesis in the Lac de Gras area, Northwest Territories.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
196. Hall, Glen.  (2017)   Investigating Aquifer-Stream Connectivity at Steele Park, Langley, BC.    SFU Summit Download
195. Lau, Carie-Ann.  (2017)   Channel scour on temperate alluvial fans in British Columbia.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
194. Lupogo, Kenneth.  (2017)   Characterization of blast damage in rock slopes: An integrated field-numerical modelling approach.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
193. Makin, Sarah.  (2017)   Developing fluorite as a geochemical pathfinder mineral using globally reported REE-Y contents.  Supervisor: Marshall  SFU Summit Download
192. Medig, Kirsti.  (2017)   Sedimentology, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of unit PR1 of the lower Fifteenmile Group and the Pinguicula Group, Wernecke and Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon, Canada: Mesoproterozoic environments and paleocontinental reconstructions.  Supervisor: Thorkelson  SFU Summit Download
191. Miller, Craig.  (2017)   Volcanic Architecture and Unrest processes: Insights from Static and Time-varying Potential Field Models.  Supervisor: Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
190. Moase, Emily.  (2017)   Guidance for debris-flow mitigation design in Canada.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
189. Neil, Benjamin.  (2017)   Depositional Age, Provenance and Tectonic Significance of the Porter Lake and Lynx Lake Outliers, South Rae Craton, Northwest Territories.    SFU Summit Download
188. Pulwicki, Alexandra.  (2017)   Multi-scale investigation of winter balance on alpine glaciers.  Supervisor: Flowers  SFU Summit Download
187. Rathay, Sarah.  (2017)   Response of a Fractured Bedrock Aquifer to Recharge from Heavy Rainfall Events.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
186. Sampaleanu, Christian.  (2017)   The Role of Intact Rock Fracture in Rockfall Initiation.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
185. Vayavur, Rajesh.  (2017)   Seismic and potential field constraints on the shallow crustal structure of inner Bering shelf, offshore southwestern Alaska.  Supervisor: Calvert  SFU Summit Download
184. Verbaas, Jaap.  (2017)   Paleoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic evolution of Yukon Territory, Canada.  Supervisor: Thorkelson  SFU Summit Download
183. Vice, Lianna.  (2017)   Late Cretaceous to Paleocene evolution of the Blanchard River assemblage, southwest Yukon; implications for Mesozoic accretionary processes in the northwestern Cordillera.  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
182. Weleschuk, Zennon.  (2017)   Channelized Deposits and Regional Parasequence Sets of the Grouse Paleovalley: McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
181. Westin, Allison.  (2017)   Downie Slide: An integrated remote sensing approach to characterization of a very slow moving landslide.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
180. Croquet, Eryne.  (2016)   Paleoclimatic reconstruction using paleosol and macrofossil interpretation in Chehalis Valley.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
179. Cullen, Justine.  (2016)   Optical Dating Studies of southeastern Patagonian Sand Wedges in Chile and Argentina.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
178. Dubman, Rita.  (2016)   Petrogenesis and significance of Schist Creek mafic-ultramafic complex, SW Yukon.    SFU Summit Download
177. Harrington, Elise.  (2016)   Thermorheological Modeling of Venusian Canali.    SFU Summit Download
176. Jones, Macy.  (2016)   Stratigraphy and architecture of shallow-marine strata on an active margin, lower Nanaimo Group, Vancouver Island, BC.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
175. Middleton, Mary Ann.  (2016)   Aquifer - Stream Connectivity at Various Scales: Application of Sediment ­ Water Interface Temperature and Vulnerability Assesssments of Groundwater Dependent Streams.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
174. Roberts, Nick.  (2016)   Late Cenozoic geology of La Paz, Bolivia, and its relation to landslide activity.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
173. Roots, Eric.  (2016)   Application of seismic interferometry to imaging a crystalline rock environment at an active VMS mine in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada.  Supervisor: Calvert  SFU Summit Download
172. Theny, Lucia.  (2016)   Age, formation and tectonism of the Neoproterozic Ruddock Creek zinc-lead deposit and host Windermere Supergroup, northern Monashee Mountains, southern Canadian Cordillera.  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
171. Van Pelt, Stephanie.  (2016)   Modeling Paleorecharge on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
170. Zurek, Jeffrey.  (2016)   Multidisciplinary Investigation of the volcanic Evolution of Basaltic Calderas.  Supervisor: Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
169. Calhoun, Nancy.  (2015)   LiDAR and geomorphic characterisation of landslide-induced liquefaction deposits in the eastern Swiss Alps.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
168. Frank, Anja.  (2015)   Predicting the geochemical effects of SO2 impurities during carbon storage: Batch experiments and reaction path geochemical modelling.  Supervisor: Kirste  SFU Summit Download
167. Friesen, Oliver.  (2015)   Permeability Heterogeneity in Bioturbated Strata, Cardium Formation, Pembina Field, and the Identification of Potential Waterflood Opportunities.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
166. Furlanetto, Francesca.  (2015)   The evolution of the late PaleoproterozoicWernecke Supergroup, Wernecke Mountains, Yukon, from sedimentation to deformation.  Supervisor: Thorkelson  SFU Summit Download
165. Hamdi, Pooya.  (2015)   Characterization of Brittle Damage in Rock from the Micro to Macro Scale.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
164. Hashmi, Sarah.  (2015)   Quaternary geology and drift prospecting in the Mount Polley region (NTS 093A).  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
163. Havaej, Mohsen.  (2015)   Characterisation of high rock slopes using an integrated numerical modelling - remote sensing approach.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
162. Hsieh, Amy.  (2015)   Geostatistical modeling and upscaling permeability for reservoir scale modeling in bioturbated, heterogeneous tight reservoir rock: Viking Fm, Provost Field, Alberta.  Supervisor: MacEachern/Allen  SFU Summit Download
161. Klasssen, Jeanette.  (2015)   Assessing the Risk of Saltwater Intrusion on the Gulf Islands, BC.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
160. LaCroix, Andrew.  (2015)   Modern and Ancient Perspectives on Deposition Across the Tidal/Fluvial Transition in Rivers.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
159. Mayer, John.  (2015)   Applications of uncertainty theory to rock mechanics and geotechnical mine design.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
158. Smith, Kristyn.  (2015)   Constraining accretion rates in a tide-dominated, freshwater river (Pitt River, Canada) and implications for lateral accretion of channels in the tidal-fluvial transition.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
157. Ayranci, Korhan.  (2014)   Facies Modelling of a Tide-Influenced, River-Dominated Delta, Fraser River Delta, British Columbia, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
156. Bickerton, Luke.  (2014)   The northern Cache Creek terrane: record of Middle Triassic arc activity and Jurassic-Cretaceous terrane imbrication.  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
155. Clayton, Anne.  (2014)   Characterization and Analysis of the Mitchell Creek Landslide: A Large-scale Rock Slope Instability in north-western British Columbia.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
154. Dewit, Megan.  (2014)   The Geothermal Potential of Nazko Cone, British Columbia.    SFU Summit Download
153. Ertolahti, Leila.  (2014)   Contemporary subsidence and settlement of the Fraser River delta inferred from SqueeSARTM-type InSAR data.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
152. Fath, Jared.  (2014)   Late Holocene history of Squamish River north of Brackendale, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
151. Foster, Simon.  (2014)   Characterizing Groundwater ­ Surface Water Interactions within a Mountain to Ocean Watershed, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
150. Holding, Shannon.  (2014)   Risk to Water Security on Small Islands: A Numerical Modeling Approach.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
149. Larocque, Isabelle.  (2014)   The Hydrogeology of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
148. Montgomery, Adam.  (2014)   Paleoenvironmental Interpretation and Depositional Process Classification of Allomembers D and E, Lower Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
147. Preston, Ryan.  (2014)   Application of photogrammetry to estimates of mine pillar damage and strength.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
146. Ricci, Liam.  (2014)   Architecture and Facies Analysis of Allomember F, Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Drumheller, Alberta.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
145. Staples, Reid.  (2014)   Diachronous Deformation, Metamorphism and Exhumation in the Northern Canadian Cordillera Revealed from Pressure-Temperature-Time-Deformation Paths of Former Mid-Crustal Rocks.  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
144. Turner, Derek.  (2014)   Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Glacial Limits and Paleoenvironments of the White River and Silver Creek, Southwest Yukon.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
143. Twomey, Vince.  (2014)   Three Dimensional Strain Distribution and Deformation Temperature Interpreted from Quartz Microstructures and Petrofabrics in the Okanagan Valley Shearzone, Southern Canadian Cordillera.  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
142. Venugopal, Swetha.  (2014)   Melt Inclusions and their Implications of an Interconnceted Magma Chamber Beneath Cerro Negro Volcano and Las Pilas-El Hoyo Complex Nicaragua.    SFU Summit Download
141. Vivas, Janisse.  (2014)   Groundwater Characterization and Modelling in Natural and Open Pit Rock Slopes.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
140. Wolter, Andrea.  (2014)   Characterisation of Large Catastrophic Landslides using an Integrated Field, Remote Sensing and Numerical Modelling Approach.  Supervisor: Stead/Clague  SFU Summit Download
139. Zaleski, Marty.  (2014)   Earthquake Loss Estimates, Greater Victoria, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
138. Zhang, Yabing.  (2014)   Modelling hard rock pillars using a Synthetic Rock Mass approach.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
137. Czarnecki, Joanna.  (2013)   Palynology and geochemistry of sediments in the tidally influenced lower Fraser River, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
136. Gao, Fuqiang.  (2013)   Simulation of failure mechanisms around underground coal mine openings using discrete element modelling.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
135. Hanson, Jeremy.  (2013)   Hydrothermal Alteration and Geochemistry of Porphyry-Style Cu-Au Mineralization at the Donnelly Zone, GJ Deposit, Northwest BC.    SFU Summit Download
134. Hanson, Michelle.  (2013)   Sedimentological and paleomagnetic study of glacial Lake Missoula lacustrine and flood sediments.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
133. Heideman, Marit.  (2013)   Flood hazard and risk in Lillooet River valley, British Columbia.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
132. Hermanson, Jolene.  (2013)   Multiphase flow and reactive transport modelling of heterogeneities in CO2 storage reservoirs.  Supervisor: Kirste  SFU Summit Download
131. Jones, Brittan.  (2013)   Integrated Ichnology and Sedimentology of Mixed River- and Wave-Influenced Delta Complexes, Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly River Formation, Central Alberta, Canada.  Supervisor: MacEachern  SFU Summit Download
130. Loughrey, Lara.  (2013)   Boiling as a mechanism for colour zonations observed at the Byrud emerald deposit, Eidsvoll, Norway.  Supervisor: Marshall  SFU Summit Download
129. MacQueen, Patricia.  (2013)   Geophysical Investigations of Magma Plumbing Systems at Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua.  Supervisor: Williams-Jones  SFU Summit Download
128. Mitrovic, Ivanka.  (2013)   Evolution of the Coast-Cascade Orogen by tectonic thickening and magmatic loading: the Cretaceous Breakenridge Complex, southwestern British Columbia .  Supervisor: Gibson  SFU Summit Download
127. Newman, Stephen.  (2013)   Deep-seated gravitational slope deformations near the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, east-central Alaska Range.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
126. Hewton, Meghan.  (2012)   Investigation of the Mountain River Beryl (Emerald Variety) Occurrence, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories.  Supervisor: Marshall  SFU Summit Download
125. Johnson, Stacy.  (2012)   The Nature of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification in a Mixed Tidal-Fluvial Setting: Depositional Processes, Sedimentology and Ichnology, Middle Arm, Fraser River, Canada.  Supervisor: Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
124. Morshedian, Alireza.  (2012)   Sedimentology, Ichnology, and Stratigraphy of the Sparky, Waseca, and McLaren Alloformations, West-Central Saskatchewan, Canada.  Supervisor: MacEachern/Dashtgard  SFU Summit Download
123. Nelson, Mark.  (2012)   The impact of landslides on sediment yield, South Westland, New Zealand.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
122. Sacco, Dave.  (2012)   Quaternary geology in part of the McLeod Lake map area (NTS 093J), central British Columbia.  Supervisor: Ward  SFU Summit Download
121. Simspon, Mike.  (2012)   Assessing Risk to Groundwater Quality Using an Integrated Risk Framework.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
120. Tuckey, Zack.  (2012)   An Integrated Field Mapping-Numerical Modelling Approach to Characterising Discontinuity Persistence and Intact Rock Bridges in Large Open Pit Slopes.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
119. Welch, Laurie.  (2012)   Modelling Topographically-Driven Groundwater Flow in Mountains.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
118. Wilson, Nat.  (2012)   Characterization and interpretation of polythermal structure in two subarctic glaciers.  Supervisor: Flowers  SFU Summit Download
117. Brown, Courtenay.  (2011)   Estimation of Annual Mass Balance and Little Ice Age Equilibrium Line Altitude Depression of Mount Baker Glaciers .  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
116. Capps, Denny.  (2011)   Evolution of glacier-dammed lakes through space and time; Brady Glacier, Alaska, USA.  Supervisor: Clague  SFU Summit Download
115. Cavalcanti de Alburquerque, Rafael.  (2011)   Hydrogeochemical evolution and arsenic mobilization in confined aquifers formed within glaciomarine sediments.  Supervisor: Kirste  SFU Summit Download
114. Farahbod, Amir.  (2011)   Study of Non-Volcanic Tremors in the Cascadia Subduction Zone .  Supervisor: Calvert  SFU Summit Download
113. Galicki, Michael.  (2011)   Investigation of the iron-oxide mineralization at the Iron Range, southeastern BC.  Supervisor: Marshall  SFU Summit Download
112. Hancock, Carie-Ann.  (2011)   Geomorphic Changes to Lillooet River due to the 2010 Mount Meager Landslide.    SFU Summit Download
111. Henry, Chris.  (2011)   An Integrated Approach to Estimating Groundwater Recharge and Storage Variability in Southern Mali, Africa.  Supervisor: Allen  SFU Summit Download
110. Hensold, Gabe.  (2011)   An integrated study of deep-seated gravitational slope deformations at Handcar Peak, southwestern British Columbia.  Supervisor: Stead/Clague  SFU Summit Download
109. Jamer, Megan.  (2011)   Integrated Sedimentologic-Ichnologic-Palynologic Analyses of Estuarine Deposits: Ecologic Comparison of Cretaceous-Aged Estuarine Valley Fills and Modern Delta Distributary Deposits.    SFU Summit Download
108. Kline, Meghan.  (2011)   Deglaciation and Paraglacial Adjustment Near Statlu Creek, in Chahalis Valley, BC.    SFU Summit Download
107. Lee, Sung.  (2011)   Characterizing highwall slopes at the Line Creek Mine, British Columbia using terrestrial photogrammetry.  Supervisor: Stead  SFU Summit Download
106. Mayer, John.  (2011)   Statistical and Structural Approaches to Understanding Groundwater Flow in a Fractured Rock Aquifer, Hope Bay, Nunavut.    SFU Summit Download
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