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Trade-offs between growth and survival in sockeye salmon spawning migrations   Need Volunteer
The Moore lab is looking for undergraduate volunteers interested in helping photograph sockeye salmon scales collected in a long-term population monitoring program. Volunteers will be asked to organize and photograph an extensive scale collection, and make measurements of scale annuli for growth analysis. Data from scale collections will be used to examine how salmon balance trade offs between growth and survival when initiating spawning migrations, and will explore the evidence for size dependent survival of smolts. Depending on the success of the volunteer, the project may include opportunities for ongoing participation in research. If interested please contact me at watlas@sfu.ca with the words "salmon volunteer" in the subject line.
Will Atlas
Interspecies Pheromone Communication   Need Volunteer
Looking for someone who is interested in pheromone communication across species. Opportunity for independent research experience with as much guidance as you like. Field research is underway testing small mammal response to our candidate pheromones. Current sites are in Langley with more on the way all around the SFU Burnaby campus. There is a laboratory bioassay component as well if a student is interested and driven! Both field and laboratory research make for a well-rounded experience. One experiment is focused on testing cats' response, possibly making a new cat toy, although opportunities here are limited.
Elana Varner
Antigenic and Immunic Responses to HIV and Influenza Viruses   Need Volunteer
The Pantophlet lab is seeking enthusiastic, detail-oriented and highly self-motivated undergraduate volunteers, BISC 498/499 students or USRA students for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 to participate in and contribute to CIHR-funded research focused on understanding antigenic and immunogenic presentations impacting the ontogeny of anti-carbohydrate and CD4-binding site-specific neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1 and broadly neutralizing antibodies to influenza. Interested students should send an email directly to Dr. Ralph Pantophlet (rpantophlet@sfu.ca). The email must include a brief statement of intent, a current academic transcript and an academic CV detailing lab skills plus any notable academic and non-academic achievements. Prospective applicants should be in very good academic standing (Volunteers: cGPA>3.0; 498/499 or USRA: cGPA>3.5) and be able to commit at least 10 hrs/week to the lab.
Ralph Pantophlet
Spider rearing   Need Volunteer
We rear spiderlings (Steatoda grossa) to adulthood. Workload would be ~1-4h/week (you can choose). Worktimes are highly flexible as work has to be done 1x/week (any day, any time, can vary from week to week - to your convinience). Spiders are fed with Drosophila or Blowflies. If you are interested, please feel free to meet up with me, and after an intro session you can decide if you want to commit. Don't hesitate to shoot an email if you are interested!
Andreas Fischer
Mating Ecology of Mosquitoes   Need Volunteer
My research focuses on the mating ecology of mosquitoes, specifically mating swarms. Mating behaviour is a poorly understood aspect of mosquito biology, with the mechanisms behind mating swarm formation relatively unknown. My project will examine the importance of various cues, such as wing acoustics, in attracting individuals towards mating swarms. Volunteering duties will consist mainly of mosquito colony maintenance. This includes sorting mosquito pupae from the larvae, washing trays and cups and providing mosquitoes with sugar water. The time commitment is flexible; I am looking for a volunteer to come in at least once per week. Tasks usually take around 3 hours for an inexperienced volunteer to complete. As you gain experience, the tasks can be completed much faster.
Elton Ko
Stable fly host seeking and mate recognition   Need Volunteer
Looking for students interested in visual communication//host-seeking behaviours//entomology or all of the above! My research focuses on determining the visual mate recognition and host-seeking cues used by a blood-feeding parasite of cattle (Stomoxys calcitrans). Duties primarily consist of video analysis of laboratory and field experiments. Time commitment and work schedule is highly flexible. Opportunities are currently limited to remote work. If interested (or if you have any questions) please feel free to send me an email!
Emmanuel Hung

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