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1. Bazzicalupo, AL; Buyck, B; Saar, I; Vauras, J; Carmean, D; Berbee, ML2017Troubles with mycorrhizal mushroom identification where morphological differentiation lags behind barcode sequence divergenceTaxon 66: 791-810
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2. M Berbee, L Le Renard, D Carmean2014Online access to the Kalgutkar and Jansonius database of fossil fungiPalynology 39: 103-109
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3. Berbee, ML, Carmean, D., and K. Winka2000Ribosomal DNA and Resolution of Branching Order among the Ascomycota: How Many Nucleotides Are Enough?Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 17: 337-344
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4. Carmean D, Kimsey L1998Phylogenetic revision of the parasitoid wasp family Trigonalidae (Hymenoptera)Syst Entomol 23: 35-76
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5. Crespi, BJ; Carmean, DA; Mound, LA; Worobey, M; Morris, D1998Phylogenetics of social behavior in Australian gall-forming thrips: Evidence from mitochondrial DNA sequence, adult morphology and behavior, and gall morphologyMolecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 9: 163-180
6. Sandoval, C; Carmean, DA; Crespi, BJ1998Molecular phylogenetics of sexual and parthenogenetic Timema walking-sticksProceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 265: 589-595
7. Crespi, BJ; Carmean, DA; Chapman, TW1997Ecology and evolution of galling thrips and their alliesAnnual Review of Entomology 42: 51-71
8. Crespi, B; Carmean, D; Vawter, L; VonDohlen, C1996Molecular phylogenetics of ThysanopteraSystematic Entomology 21: 79-87
9. Berbee, M. L. and D. Carmean1995Review of computer program "MacClade"Mycotaxon 61: 494-495
10. Carmean, D; Crespi, BJ 1995Do long branches attract flies?Nature 373: 666
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11. Carmean, D.1995Trigonalidae In "Hymenoptera of Costa Rica," P. Hanson and I. Gauld, eds. 187-192.
12. Carmean, D., Kimsey, L. and M. Berbee199218S rDNA sequences and the holometabolous insectsMolecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 1: 270-278
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13. Carmean D1991Biology Of The Trigonalyidae (Hymenoptera), With Notes On The Vespine Parasitoid Bareogonalos-canadensisNew Zealand Journal of Zoology 18: 209-214
14. CARMEAN D1989Sex And Deposition Of The Holotype Of Bareogonalos-Canadensis (Harrington) (Hymenoptera, Trigonalyidae) Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 91: 287-288
15. Carmean, D., J. C. Miller, and B. Scaccia.1989Overwintering of Phryganidea californica in the Oregon Cascades and notes on its parasitoids (Lepidoptera: Dioptidae).Pan-Pacific Entomologist 65: 74-76.
16. CARMEAN D, AKRE RD, ZACK RS, et al.1981Notes On The Yellowjacket Parasite Bareogonalos canadensis (Hymenoptera, Trigonalidae)Entomol News 92: 23-26

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