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36. Greenberg, DA; Pyron, RA; Johnson, LGW; Upham, NS; Jetz, W; Mooers, AO.  (2021)   Evolutionary legacies in contemporary tetrapod imperilment.  Ecol. Lett. 24: 2464-2476 DOI  PubMed
35. Guzman, LM; Johnson, SA; Mooers, AO; M'Gonigle, LK.  (2021)   Response to: Multiple measures of biodiversity change make for the strongest analyses with historical data.  Biol. Conserv. 260 DOI
34. Guzman, LM; Johnson, SA; Mooers, AO; M'Gonigle, LK.  (2021)   Using historical data to estimate bumble bee occurrence: Variable trends across species provide little support for community-level declines.  Biol. Conserv. 257 DOI
33. Wicke, K; Mooers, A; Steel, M.  (2021)   Formal Links between Feature Diversity and Phylogenetic Diversity.  Syst. Biol. 70: 480-490 DOI  PubMed
32. Cantalapiedra, JL; Aze, T; Cadotte, MW; Dalla Riva, GV; Huang, D; Mazel, F; Pennell, MW; Rios, M; Mooers, AO.  (2019)   Conserving evolutionary history does not result in greater diversity over geological time scales.  Proc. R. Soc. B-Biol. Sci. 286 DOI  PubMed
31. Mazel, F; Pennell, MW; Cadotte, MW; Diaz, S; Dalla Riva, GV; Grenyer, R; Leprieur, F; Mooers, AO; Mouillot, D; Tucker, CM; Pearse, WD.  (2019)   Reply to: "Global conservation of phylogenetic diversity captures more than just functional diversity".  Nat. Commun. 10 DOI  PubMed
30. Chaudhary, A; Pourfaraj, V; Mooers, AO.  (2018)   Projecting global land use-driven evolutionary history loss.  Divers. Distrib. 24: 158-167 DOI
29. Greenberg, DA; Palen, WJ; Chan, KC; Jetz, W; Mooers, AO.  (2018)   Evolutionarily distinct amphibians are disproportionately lost from human-modified ecosystems.  Ecology Letters 21 DOI  PubMed
28. Lewthwaite, JMM; Angert, AL; Kembel, SW; Goring, SJ; Davies, TJ; Mooers, AO; Sperling, FAH; Vamosi, SM; Vamosi, JC; Kerr, JT.  (2018)   Canadian butterfly climate debt is significant and correlated with range size.  Ecography 41 DOI
27. Mazel, F; Pennell, MW; Cadotte, MW; Diaz, S; Dalla Riva, GV; Grenyer, R; Leprieur, F; Mooers, AO; Mouillot, D; Tucker, CM; Pearse, WD.  (2018)   Prioritizing phylogenetic diversity captures functional diversity unreliably.  Nat. Commun. 9 DOI  PubMed
26. Mooers, A.  (2018)   Darwin Comes to Town How the Urban Jungle Drives Evolution.  Science 360 DOI
25. Mooers, AO; Greenberg, DA.  (2018)   Speciation far from the madding crowd.  Nature 559 DOI  PubMed
24. Stein, RW; Mull, CG; Kuhn, TS; Aschliman, NC; Davidson, LNK; Joy, JB; Smith, GJ; Dulvy, NK; Mooers, AO.  (2018)   Global priorities for conserving the evolutionary history of sharks, rays and chimaeras.  Nat. Ecol. Evol. 2 DOI  PubMed
23. Greenberg, DA; Palen, WJ; Mooers, AO.  (2017)   Amphibian species traits, evolutionary history and environment predict Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection patterns, but not extinction risk.  Evol. Appl. 10: 1130-1145 DOI
22. Mazel, F; Mooers, AO; Dalla Riva, GV; Pennell, MW.  (2017)   Conserving Phylogenetic Diversity Can Be a Poor Strategy for Conserving Functional Diversity.  Syst. Biol. 66: 1019-1027 DOI
21. Mooers, A.  (2017)   Inheritors of the Earth How Nature Is Thriving in an Age of Extinction.  Science 357: 878-878 DOI
20. Tucker, CM; Cadotte, MW; Carvalho, SB; Davies, TJ; Ferrier, S; Fritz, SA; Grenyer, R; Helmus, MR; Jin, LS; Mooers, AO; Pavoine, S; Purschke, O; Redding, DW; Rosauer, DF; Winter, M; Mazel, F.  (2017)   A guide to phylogenetic metrics for conservation, community ecology and macroecology.  Biol. Rev. 92: 698-715 DOI
19. Waldron, A; Miller, DC; Redding, D; Mooers, A; Kuhn, TS; Nibbelink, N; Roberts, JT; Tobias, JA; Gittleman, JL.  (2017)   Reductions in global biodiversity loss predicted from conservation spending.  Nature 551: 364-+ DOI
18. Hurteau, LA; Mooers, AO; Reynolds, JD; Hocking, MD.  (2016)   Salmon nutrients are associated with the phylogenetic dispersion of riparian flowering-plant assemblages.  Ecology 97: 450-460 DOI
17. Dembo, M; Matzke, NJ; Mooers, AO; Collard, M.  (2015)   Bayesian analysis of a morphological supermatrix sheds light on controversial fossil hominin relationships.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 282: 133-141 DOI
16. Gudde, RM; Joy, JB; Mooers, AO.  (2013)   Imperilled phylogenetic endemism of Malagasy lemuriformes.  Diversity and Distributions 19: 664-675 DOI
15. Rosauer, DF; Mooers, AO.  (2013)   Nurturing the use of evolutionary diversity in nature conservation.  Trends in Ecology & Evolution 28: 322-323 DOI
14. Thomas, GH; Hartmann, K; Jetz, W; Joy, JB; Mimoto, A; Mooers, AO.  (2013)   PASTIS: an R package to facilitate phylogenetic assembly with soft taxonomic inferences.  Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4: 1011-1017 DOI
13. Barnosky, AD; Hadly, EA; Bascompte, J; Berlow, EL; Brown, JH; Fortelius, M; Getz, WM; Harte, J; Hastings, A; Marquet, PA; Martinez, ND; Mooers, A; Roopnarine, P; Vermeij, G; Williams, JW; Gillespie, R; Kitzes, J; Marshall, C; Matzke, N; Mindell, DP; Revilla, E; Smith, AB.  (2012)   Approaching a state shift in Earth's biosphere.  Nature 486: 52-58 DOI
12. Jetz, W; Thomas, GH; Joy, JB; Hartmann, K; Mooers, AO.  (2012)   The global diversity of birds in space and time.  Nature 491: 444-448 DOI
11. Mooers, A; Gascuel, O; Stadler, T; Li, HY; Steel, M.  (2012)   Branch Lengths on Birth-Death Trees and the Expected Loss of Phylogenetic Diversity.  Systematic Biology 61: 195-203 DOI  PubMed
10. Kuhn, TS; Mooers, AO; Thomas, GH.  (2011)   A simple polytomy resolver for dated phylogenies.  Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2: 427-436 DOI
9. Harmon, LJ; Losos, JB; Davies, TJ; Gillespie, RG; Gittleman, JL; Jennings, WB; Kozak, KH; McPeek, MA; Moreno-Roark, F; Near, TJ; Purvis, A; Ricklefs, RE; Schluter, D; Schulte, JA; Seehausen, O; Sidlauskas, BL; Torres-Carvajal, O; Weir, JT; Mooers, AO.  (2010)   EARLY BURSTS OF BODY SIZE AND SHAPE EVOLUTION ARE RARE IN COMPARATIVE DATA.  Evolution 64: 2385-2396 DOI
8. Kuhn, TS; McFarlane, KA; Groves, P; Mooers, AO; Shapiro, B.  (2010)   Modern and ancient DNA reveal recent partial replacement of caribou in the southwest Yukon.  Molecular Ecology 19: 1312-1323 DOI
7. Mooers, AO; Doak, DF; Findlay, CS; Green, DM; Grouios, C; Manne, LL; Rashvand, A; Rudd, MA; Whitton, J.  (2010)   Science, Policy, and Species at Risk in Canada.  Bioscience 60 DOI
6. Redding, DW; DeWolff, CV; Mooers, AO.  (2010)   Evolutionary Distinctiveness, Threat Status, and Ecological Oddity in Primates.  Conservation Biology 24: 1052-1058 DOI
5. Magnuson-Ford, K; Ingram, T; Redding, DW; Mooers, AO.  (2009)   Rockfish (Sebastes) that are evolutionarily isolated are also large, morphologically distinctive and vulnerable to overfishing.  Biological Conservation 142: 1787-1796 DOI
4. Mooers, AO.  (2007)   Conservation biology - The diversity of biodiversity.  Nature 445: 717-718 DOI
3. Parker, JDK; Bradley, BA; Mooers, AO; Quarmby, LM.  (2007)   Phylogenetic Analysis of the Neks Reveals Early Diversification of Ciliary-Cell Cycle Kinases.  PLoS One 2  Website DOI  PubMed
2. Mooers, AO; Holmes, EC.  (2000)   The evolution of base composition and phylogenetic inference.  Trends in Ecology & Evolution 15: 365-369
1. Mooers, AO; Vamosi, SM; Schluter, D.  (1999)   Using phylogenies to test macroevolutionary hypotheses of trait evolution in Cranes (Gruinae).  American Naturalist 154: 249-259
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