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8. Judson G. and Mladenovic, I.  (2022)   Using cognitive tools in imaginative assessment for learning in higher education: Engaging learners in times of calm and crisis.  Teaching in the Post COVID-19 Era. Book chapter (Ed. Fayed, I. and Cummings, J.), Springer
7. Mladenovic, I.  (2019)   Science Teaching That Matters: Conceptions and Experiences of First-Year University Students. PhD Thesis, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University.  
6. Mladenovic, I.  (2018)   Self-test questions for the Russell et al, (2018). Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life, 4th Canadian Edition, Nelson Education, Canada.  
5. Mladenovic, I.  (2015)   Test bank for the textbook Fenton et al., (2015). Life Matters: Connecting Biology with Your World, 1st Edition, Nelson Education, Canada.  
4. Mladenovic, I.  (2014)   Online Test bank for the textbook Russell et al., (2014). Biology, The Dynamic Science, 3rd Edition, Nelson Education, Canada.  
3. Mladenovic I., Micic S., Genbacev O. and Papic N.  (1994)   Evaluation of the acrosomal status of human spermatozoa.  Andrologia 2(3), 5-12
2. Mladenovic I., Micic S., Genbacev O., Papic N. and Movsesijan M.  (1994)   Prolactin levels in human male serum and seminal plasma.  Acta Urologica Italica 3, 81-84
1. Mladenovic I., Hajdukovic Lj., Genbacev O., Cuperlovic M. and Movsesijan M.  (1993)   Lectin binding as a biological test in vitro for the prediction of functional activity of human spermatozoa.  Human Reproduction 8, 258-265
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