Course Course Name Instructor Needed
BPK105C      Fundamentals of Human Structure and Function Ryan Dill     TM
BPK110      Human Nutrition: Current Issues Amandio Vieira     TA
BPK110C      Human Nutrition: Current Issues Leanne Ramer     TM
BPK110S      Human Nutrition: Current Issues Amandio Vieira     TA
BPK140      Contemporary Health Issues Andrew Blaber     TA
BPK140C      Contemporary Health Issues Anne-Kristina Arnold     TM
BPK140S      Contemporary Health Issues Sessional Instructor     TA
BPK141C      Theory of Exercise Program Design Anthony Leyland     TM
BPK142      Introduction to Kinesiology Ryan Dill     TA
BPK142S      Introduction to Kinesiology Michael Walsh     TA-Marking
BPK143      Exercise: Health and Performance Carmen Bott     TA
BPK201      Biomechanics Anthony Leyland     TA
BPK205      Introduction to Human Physiology Nadine Wicks     TA
BPK207      Sensorimotor Control and Learning Dylan Cooke     TA
BPK241      Sports Injuries - Prevention and Rehabilitation Sessional Instructor     TA
BPK303      Kinanthropometry Anne-Kristina Arnold     TA
BPK304W      Inquiry and Measurement in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Michael Walsh     TA
BPK305      Human Physiology I Thomas Claydon     TA
BPK306      Human Physiology II Nadine Wicks     TA
BPK307      Human Physiology III Victoria Claydon, Christina Hull     TA
BPK310      Exercise/Work Physiology Ryan Dill     TA-Marking
BPK312      Nutrition for Fitness and Sport Matthew White     TA
BPK325C      Basic Human Anatomy Leanne Ramer     TM
BPK326      Functional Anatomy Leanne Ramer     TA
BPK340      Active Health: Behavior and Promotion Peter Ruben     TA-Marking
BPK342C      Active Health Anthony Leyland     TM
BPK407      Human Physiology Laboratory James Carter     TA
BPK408W      Cellular Physiology Laboratory Nadine Wicks     TA
BPK415      Neural Control of Movement Daniel Marigold     TA-Marking
BPK443      Advanced Exercise Prescription Dave Clarke     TA-Marking
BPK444      Cardiac Disease: Pathophysiology and Assessment Victoria Claydon     TA
BPK446      Neurological Disorders Charles Krieger     TA-Marking
BPK448      Rehabilitation of Movement Control Joaquin Hoffer     TA-Marking
BPK481      Musculoskeletal Disorders Faculty     TA

1201. All classes are held at the Burnaby campus unless otherwise indicated.