Course Course Name Instructor Needed
EASC101      Dynamic Earth (B) Hansen     TA
EASC101S      Dynamic Earth (B) Vera     Sessional
EASC103      The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs (B) Donald     TA
EASC104      Geohazards: Earth in Turmoil (B) Ward     TM
EASC201      Stratigraphy and Sedimentation MacEachern     TA
EASC204      Structural Geology I Gibson     TA
EASC205      Introduction to Petrology Cameron     TA
EASC208      Introduction to Geochemistry (Q) Sessional     TA
EASC210      Historical Geology (B) Donald     TA
EASC301      Igneous Petrology Thorkelson     TA
EASC306      Field Geology II Thorkelson     TA
EASC311      Metamorphic Petrology Dyck     TA
EASC313      Introduction to Soil and Rock Engineering Donati     TA
EASC314      Principles of Glaciology Flowers     TA
EASC403      Quaternary Geology Ward     TA
EASC405      Water, Environment, Claimate Change Allen     TA
EASC408      Geology of Western Canada Gibson     TA
EASC415      Groundwater Modelling Allen     TA
EASC420      Petroleum Geology Dashtgard     TA
SCI192      Science for Teaching K-8 Allen     TA
SCI301      Science Communications van der Flier-Keller     TA

     Semester 1201. All classes are held at the Burnaby campus unless otherwise indicated.