Course Course Name Instructor Needed Estimated BUs
MBB222     Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Dr. I. Kovalyova    TA  3.17-5.17
MBB229     Introductory MBB Lab Dr. I. Kovalyova    TA  3.17-5.17
MBB231     Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Dr. I. Northwood    TA  3.17-5.17
MBB308     Molecular Biology Laboratory Dr. S. Vlachos    TA  3.17-5.17
MBB326     Introduction to the Immune System Dr. I. Northwood    TA  3.17-5.17
MBB331     Molecular Biology Dr. S. Sneddon    TA  3.17-5.17
MBB429     RNA-mediated Gene Regulation Dr. P. Unrau    TA  2-3
MBB432     Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques Dr. C. Beh    TA  5.17
MBB462     Human Genomics Dr. S. Sneddon    TA  2-3
MBBTest     TEST course for Training hrs etc Test Instructors    TA  3.17-5.17

Semester Summer 2024 (1244). All classes are held at the Burnaby campus unless otherwise indicated and require Teaching Assistants. Offerings are contingent upon final budgetary authorization and enrolment numbers.