Course Course Name Instructor Needed
MBB110     Data Analysis for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Dr. S. Sneddon    TA
MBB201     Biochemistry of the Cell Dr. F. Pio    TA
MBB222     Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Dr. D. King    TA
MBB231     Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Dr. S. Sneddon    TA
MBB308     Molecular Biology Laboratory Dr. S. Vlachos    TA
MBB309W     Biochemistry Laboratory Dr. I. Kovalyova, Dr. M. Leroux    TA
MBB321     Intermediary Metabolism Dr. E. Young    TA
MBB322     Molecular Physiology Dr. N. Hawkins    TA
MBB323     Introduction to Physical Biochemistry Dr. F. Pio    TA
MBB324     Protein Biochemistry Dr. E. Young    TA
MBB326     Introduction to the Immune System Dr. J. Choy    TA
MBB328     Introduction to Microbial Pathogenesis Dr. A. Lee    TA
MBB331     Molecular Biology Dr. I. Kovalyova    TA
MBB342     Introductory Genomics and Bioinformatics Dr. F. Brinkman    TA
MBB420     Selected Topics: Data Management for Molecular Biology Dr. V. JaumouillĂ©, Dr. R. Holt    TA
MBB422     Biomembranes Dr. M. Paetzel    TA
MBB427     Immune System II: Immune Responses in Health and Disease Dr. M. Larijani    TA
MBB441     Bioinformatics Dr. R. Morin    TA
MBB445     Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis Dr. M. Brockman, Dr. L. Craig    TA
MBB447     Stem Cells - Current Trends Dr. L. Braid, Dr. L. Julian    TA
MBB478     Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases Dr. W. Hsiao    TA

Semester Fall 2023 (1237). All classes are held at the Burnaby campus.