Course Course Name Instructor Needed
PHYS100      Introduction to Physics Daria Ahrensmeier     TA
PHYS101      Physics for the Life Sciences I Joanna Woo     TA
PHYS101S      Physics for the Life Sciences I Rasoul Narimani     TA
PHYS102      Physics for the Life Sciences II Sarah Johnson     TA
PHYS120      Mechanics & Modern Physics Jeff Sonier, Stephanie Simmons     TA
PHYS121      Optics, Electricity, & Magnetism Paul Haljan     TA
PHYS126      Electricity, Magnetism, & Light Mike Hayden     TA
PHYS132      Physics Laboratory I Sarah Johnson     TA
PHYS133      Physics Laboratory II Barbara Frisken     TA
PHYS141S      Studio Physics: Optics, Electricity & Magnetism Neil Alberding     TA
PHYS190      Introduction to Astronomy Howard Trottier, Joanna Woo     TA
PHYS233      Physics Laboratory IV Steve Dodge     TA
PHYS285      Introduction to Relativity & Quantum Mechanics Bernd Stelzer     TA
PHYS321      Intermediate Electricity & Magnetism Mike Hayden     TA
PHYS326      Electronics & Instrumentation Jeffrey McGuirk     TA
PHYS344      Thermal Physics Michael Chen     TA
PHYS390      Introduction to Cosmology & Astrophysics Andrew DeBenedictis     TA
PHYS395      Computational Physics Eldon Emberly     TA
PHYS415      Quantum Mechanics II Eundeok Mun     TA
PHYS445      Statistical Physics Simon Watkins     TA

1201. All classes are held at the Burnaby campus unless otherwise indicated.