Selected Publications of Diana Allen

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3. Holding, S; Allen, DM; Foster, S; Hsieh, A; Larocque, I; Klassen, J; Van Pelt, SC.  Groundwater vulnerability on small islands.   Nat. Clim. Chang.,  2016,  6: 1100-+ DOI
2. Taylor, RG; Scanlon, B; Doll, P; Rodell, M; van Beek, R; Wada, Y; Longuevergne, L; Leblanc, M; Famiglietti, JS; Edmunds, M; Konikow, L; Green, TR; Chen, JY; Taniguchi, M; Bierkens, MFP; MacDonald, A; Fan, Y; Maxwell, RM; Yechieli, Y; Gurdak, JJ; Allen, DM; Shamsudduha, M; Hiscock, K; Yeh, PJF; Holman, I; Treidel, H.  Ground water and climate change.   Nat. Clim. Chang.,  2013,  3: 322-329 DOI
1. Chesnaux, R; Allen, DM; Graham, G.  Assessment of the impact of nutrient management practices on nitrate contamination in the abbotsford-sumas aquifer.   Environ. Sci. Technol.,  2007,  41: 7229-7234 DOI  PubMed
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