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94. Dierauer, JR; Allen, DM; Whitfield, PH.  Snow Drought Rick and Susceptibility in the Western United States and Southwestern Canada.   Water Resour. Res.,  2019,  55: 3076-3091 DOI
93. Morgan, SE; Allen, DM; Kirste, D; Salas, CJ.  Investigating the hydraulic role of a large buried valley network on regional groundwater flow.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2019,  27: 2377-2397 DOI
92. Dierauer, JR; Whitfield, PH; Allen, DM.  Climate Controls on Runoff and Low Flows in Mountain Catchments of Western North America.   Water Resour. Res.,  2018,  54: 7495-7510 DOI
91. Hund, SV; Allen, DM; Morillas, L; Johnson, MS.  Groundwater recharge indicator as tool for decision makers to increase socio-hydrological resilience to seasonal drought.   J. Hydrol.,  2018,  563: 1119-1134 DOI
90. Rathay, SY; Allen, DM; Kirste, D.  Response of a fractured bedrock aquifer to recharge from heavy rainfall events.   J. Hydrol.,  2018,  561: 1048-1062 DOI
89. Alessi, DS; Zolfaghari, A; Kletke, S; Gehman, J; Allen, DM; Goss, GG.  Comparative analysis of hydraulic fracturing wastewater practices in unconventional shale development: Water sourcing, treatment and disposal practices.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2017,  42: 105-121 DOI
88. Dierauer, JR; Whitfield, PH; Allen, DM.  Assessing the suitability of hydrometric data for trend analysis: The 'FlowScreen' package for R.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2017,  42: 269-275 DOI
87. Hsieh, AI; Allen, DM; MacEachern, JA.  Upscaling permeability for reservoir-scale modeling in bioturbated, heterogeneous tight siliciclastic reservoirs: Lower Cretaceous Viking Formation, Provost Field, Alberta, Canada.   Mar. Pet. Geol.,  2017,  88: 1032-1046 DOI
86. Klassen, J; Allen, DM.  Assessing the risk of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers.   J. Hydrol.,  2017,  551: 730-745 DOI
85. Notte, C; Allen, DM; Gehman, J; Alessi, DS; Goss, GG.  Comparative analysis of hydraulic fracturing wastewater practices in unconventional shale developments: Regulatory regimes.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2017,  42: 122-137 DOI
84. S. Holding, D.M. Allen, C. Notte, N. Olewiler.  Enhancing water security in a rapidly developing shale gas region.   Journal of Hydrology - Regional Studies. Special Volume on the Water-Energy Nexus,  2017,  11: 266-277  PDF DOI
83. Buttle, JM; Allen, DM; Caissie, D; Davison, B; Hayashi, M; Peters, DL; Pomeroy, JW; Simonovic, S; St-Hilaire, A; Whitfield, PH.  Flood processes in Canada: Regional and special aspects.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2016,  41: 7-30 DOI
82. Gehman, J; Thompson, DY; Alessi, DS; Allen, DM; Goss, GG.  Comparative Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Practices in Unconventional Shale Development: Newspaper Coverage of Stakeholder Concerns and Social License to Operate.   Sustainability,  2016,  8 DOI
81. Holding, S; Allen, DM.  Risk to water security for small islands: an assessment framework and application.   Reg. Envir. Chang.,  2016,  16: 827-839 DOI
80. Holding, S; Allen, DM; Foster, S; Hsieh, A; Larocque, I; Klassen, J; Van Pelt, SC.  Groundwater vulnerability on small islands.   Nat. Clim. Chang.,  2016,  6: 1100-+ DOI
79. Meixner, T; Manning, AH; Stonestrom, DA; Allen, DM; Ajami, H; Blasch, KW; Brookfield, AE; Castro, CL; Clark, JF; Gochis, DJ; Flints, AL; Neff, KL; Niraula, R; Rodell, M; Scanlon, BR; Singha, K; Walvoord, MA.  Implications of projected climate change for groundwater recharge in the western United States.   J. Hydrol.,  2016,  534: 124-138 DOI
78. Middleton, M; Allen, DM; Whitfield, PH.  Comparing the groundwater contribution in two groundwater-fed streams using a combination of methods.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2016,  41: 554-571 DOI
77. Mundy, EM; Dascher-Cousineau, K; Gleeson, T; Rowe, CD; Allen, DM.  Complexity of hydrogeologic regime around an ancient low-angle thrust fault revealed by multidisciplinary field study.   Geofluids,  2016,  16: 673-687 DOI
76. Antonellini, M; Allen, DM; Mollema, PN; Capo, D; Greggio, N.  Groundwater freshening following coastal progradation and land reclamation of the Po Plain, Italy.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2015,  23: 1009-1026 DOI
75. Foster, SB; Allen, DM.  Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in a Mountain-to-Coast Watershed: Effects of Climate Change and Human Stressors.   Adv. Meteorol.,  2015,   DOI
74. Galway, LP; Allen, DM; Parkes, MW; Li, L; Takaro, TK.  Hydroclimatic variables and acute gastro-intestinal illness in British Columbia, Canada: A time series analysis.   Water Resour. Res.,  2015,  51: 885-895 DOI
73. Graham, G; Allen, DM; Finkbeiner, B.  Climate controls on nitrate concentration variability in the Abbotsford-Sumas aquifer, British Columbia, Canada.   Environ. Earth Sci.,  2015,  73: 2895-2907 DOI
72. Holding, S; Allen, DM.  Wave overwash impact on small islands: Generalised observations of freshwater lens response and recovery for multiple hydrogeological settings.   J. Hydrol.,  2015,  529: 1324-1335 DOI
71. Holding, S; Allen, DM.  From days to decades: numerical modelling of freshwater lens response to climate change stressors on small low-lying islands.   Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci.,  2015,  19: 933-949 DOI
70. Hsieh, AI; Allen, DM; MacEachern, JA.  Statistical modeling of biogenically enhanced permeability in tight reservoir rock.   Mar. Pet. Geol.,  2015,  65: 114-125 DOI
69. Middleton, MA; Whitfield, PH; Allen, DM.  Independent component analysis of local-scale temporal variability in sediment-water interface temperature.   Water Resour. Res.,  2015,  51: 9679-9695 DOI
68. Afsin, M; Allen, DM; Kirste, D; Durukan, UG; Gurel, A; Oruc, O.  Mixing processes in hydrothermal spring systems and implications for interpreting geochemical data: a case study in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2014,  22: 7-23 DOI
67. Allen, DM; Bayer, P; Ferguson, G; Blum, P.  Preface: Hydrogeology of shallow thermal systems.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2014,  22: 1-6 DOI
66. Allen, DM; Stahl, K; Whitfield, PH; Moore, RD.  Trends in groundwater levels in British Columbia.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2014,  39: 15-31 DOI
65. Bridger, DW; Allen, DM.  Influence of geologic layering on heat transport and storage in an aquifer thermal energy storage system.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2014,  22: 233-250 DOI
64. Galway, LP; Allen, DM; Parkes, MW; Takaro, TK.  Seasonal variation of acute gastro-intestinal illness by hydroclimatic regime and drinking water source: a retrospective population-based study.   J. Water Health,  2014,  12: 122-135 DOI  PubMed
63. Mayer, JM; Allen, DM; Gibson, HD; Mackie, DC.  Application of statistical approaches to analyze geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological data at a fractured-rock mine site in Northern Canada.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2014,  22: 1707-1723 DOI
62. Simpson, MWM; Allen, DM; Journeay, MM.  Assessing risk to groundwater quality using an integrated risk framework.   Environ. Earth Sci.,  2014,  71: 4939-4956 DOI
61. Spry, CM; Kohfeld, KE; Allen, DM; Dunkley, D; Lertzman, K.  Characterizing Pineapple Express storms in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2014,  39: 302-323 DOI
60. Voeclder, HM; Allen, DM; Alila, Y.  Modeling coupled surface water - Groundwater processes in a small mountainous headwater catchment.   J. Hydrol.,  2014,  517: 1089-1106 DOI
59. Welch, LA; Allen, DM.  Hydraulic conductivity characteristics in mountains and implications for conceptualizing bedrock groundwater flow.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2014,  22: 1003-1026 DOI
58. de Albuquerque, RC; Allen, DM; Kirste, D.  A methodology for spatially representing the likelihood of occurrence of natural contaminants in groundwater.   Environ. Earth Sci.,  2013,  68: 1863-1875 DOI
57. Norman, ES; Dunn, G; Bakker, K; Allen, DM; de Albuquerque, RC.  Water Security Assessment: Integrating Governance and Freshwater Indicators.   Water Resour. Manag.,  2013,  27: 535-551 DOI
56. Taylor, RG; Scanlon, B; Doll, P; Rodell, M; van Beek, R; Wada, Y; Longuevergne, L; Leblanc, M; Famiglietti, JS; Edmunds, M; Konikow, L; Green, TR; Chen, JY; Taniguchi, M; Bierkens, MFP; MacDonald, A; Fan, Y; Maxwell, RM; Yechieli, Y; Gurdak, JJ; Allen, DM; Shamsudduha, M; Hiscock, K; Yeh, PJF; Holman, I; Treidel, H.  Ground water and climate change.   Nat. Clim. Chang.,  2013,  3: 322-329 DOI
55. Chesnaux, R; Allen, DM; Simpson, MWM.  Comparing isotopic groundwater age measurements with simulated groundwater ages: example of the Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer (USA and Canada) and application.   Water Environ. J.,  2012,  26: 30-37 DOI
54. Gleeson, T; Allen, DM; Ferguson, G.  Teaching hydrogeology: a review of current practice.   Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci.,  2012,  16: 2159-2168 DOI
53. Gleeson, T; Alley, WM; Allen, DM; Sophocleous, MA; Zhou, YX; Taniguchi, M; VanderSteen, J.  Towards Sustainable Groundwater Use: Setting Long-Term Goals, Backcasting, and Managing Adaptively.   Ground Water,  2012,  50: 19-26 DOI  PubMed
52. Holman, IP; Allen, DM; Cuthbert, MO; Goderniaux, P.  Towards best practice for assessing the impacts of climate change on groundwater.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2012,  20: 1-4 DOI
51. Voeckler, H; Allen, DM.  Estimating regional-scale fractured bedrock hydraulic conductivity using discrete fracture network (DFN) modeling.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2012,  20: 1081-1100 DOI
50. Welch, LA; Allen, DM.  Consistency of groundwater flow patterns in mountainous topography: Implications for valley bottom water replenishment and for defining groundwater flow boundaries.   Water Resour. Res.,  2012,  48 DOI
49. Welch, LA; Allen, DM; van Meerveld, HJ.  Topographic Controls on Deep Groundwater Contributions to Mountain Headwater Streams and Sensitivity to Available Recharge.   Can. Water Resour. J.,  2012,  37: 349-371 DOI
48. Green, TR; Taniguchi, M; Kooi, H; Gurdak, JJ; Allen, DM; Hiscock, KM; Treidel, H; Aureli, A.  Beneath the surface of global change: Impacts of climate change on groundwater.   J. Hydrol.,  2011,  405: 532-560 DOI
47. Henry, CM; Allen, DM; Huang, JL.  Groundwater storage variability and annual recharge using well-hydrograph and GRACE satellite data.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2011,  19: 741-755 DOI
46. Liggett, JE; Allen, DM.  Evaluating the sensitivity of DRASTIC using different data sources, interpretations and mapping approaches.   Environ. Earth Sci.,  2011,  62: 1577-1595 DOI
45. McArthur, SAQ; Allen, DM; Luzitano, RD.  Resolving scales of aquifer heterogeneity using ground penetrating radar and borehole geophysical logging.   Environ. Earth Sci.,  2011,  63: 581-593 DOI
44. Allen, DM; Cannon, AJ; Toews, MW; Scibek, J.  Variability in simulated recharge using different GCMs.   Water Resour. Res.,  2010,  46 DOI
43. Allen, DM; Whitfield, PH; Werner, A.  Groundwater level responses in temperate mountainous terrain: regime classification, and linkages to climate and streamflow.   Hydrol. Process.,  2010,  24: 3392-3412 DOI
42. Bridger, DW; Allen, DM.  Heat transport simulations in a heterogeneous aquifer used for aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES).   Can. Geotech. J.,  2010,  47: 96-115 DOI
41. de Albuquerque, RC; Kirste, D; Allen, DM.  Arsenic mobilization in confined aquifers formed in glaciomarine deposits.   ,  2010,  : 703-706
40. Gleeson, T; VanderSteen, J; Sophocleous, MA; Taniguchi, M; Alley, WM; Allen, DM; Zhou, YX.  Groundwater sustainability strategies.   Nat. Geosci.,  2010,  3: 378-379 DOI
39. Liggett, JE; Allen, DM.  Comparing approaches for modeling spatially distributed direct recharge in a semi-arid region (Okanagan Basin, Canada).   Hydrogeol. J.,  2010,  18: 339-357 DOI
38. Ostry, A; Ogborn, M; Bassil, KL; Takaro, TK; Allen, DM.  Climate Change and Health in British Columbia: Projected Impacts and a Proposed Agenda for Adaptation Research and Policy.   Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health,  2010,  7: 1018-1035 DOI  PubMed
37. Pruneda, EB; Barber, ME; Allen, DM; Wu, JQ.  Use of stream response functions to determine impacts of replacing surface-water use with groundwater withdrawals.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2010,  18: 1077-1092 DOI
36. Smerdon, BD; Allen, DM; Neilsen, D.  Evaluating the use of a gridded climate surface for modelling groundwater recharge in a semi-arid region (Okanagan Basin, Canada).   Hydrol. Process.,  2010,  24: 3087-3100 DOI
35. Chesnaux, R; Allen, DM; Jenni, S.  Regional fracture network permeability using outcrop scale measurements.   Eng. Geol.,  2009,  108: 259-271 DOI
34. Shirazi, T; Allen, DM; Quinton, WL; Pomeroy, JW.  Estimating soil thaw energy in sub-Alpine tundra at the hillslope scale, Wolf Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada.   Hydrol. Res.,  2009,  40: 1-18 DOI
33. Smerdon, BD; Allen, DM; Grasby, SE; Berg, MA.  An approach for predicting groundwater recharge in mountainous watersheds.   J. Hydrol.,  2009,  365: 156-172 DOI
32. Toews, MW; Allen, DM.  Evaluating different GCMs for predicting spatial recharge in an irrigated arid region.   J. Hydrol.,  2009,  374: 265-281 DOI
31. Toews, MW; Allen, DM.  Simulated response of groundwater to predicted recharge in a semi-arid region using a scenario of modelled climate change.   Environ. Res. Lett.,  2009,  4 DOI
30. Toews, MW; Allen, DM; Whitfield, PH.  Recharge sensitivity to local and regional precipitation in semiarid midlatitude regions.   Water Resour. Res.,  2009,  45 DOI
29. Allen, DM; Schuurman, N; Deshpande, A; Scibek, J.  Data integration and standardization in cross-border hydrogeological studies: a novel approach to hydrostratigraphic model development.   Environ. Geol.,  2008,  53: 1441-1453 DOI
28. Chesnaux, R; Allen, DM.  Simulating Nitrate Leaching Profiles in a Highly Permeable Vadose Zone.   Environ. Model. Assess.,  2008,  13: 527-539 DOI
27. Chesnaux, R; Allen, DM.  Groundwater travel times for unconfined island aquifers bounded by freshwater or seawater.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2008,  16: 437-445 DOI
26. Schuurman, N; Deshpande, A; Allen, DM.  Data integration across borders: A case study of the Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer (British Columbia/Washington State).   J. Am. Water Resour. Assoc.,  2008,  44: 921-934 DOI
25. Scibek, J; Allen, DM; Whitfield, PH.  Quantifying the impacts of climate change on groundwater in an unconfined aquifer that is strongly influenced by surface water.   ,  2008,  288: 79-98 DOI
24. Surrette, M; Allen, DM; Journeay, M.  Regional evaluation of hydraulic properties in variably fractured rock using a hydrostructural domain approach.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2008,  16: 11-30 DOI
23. Surrette, MJ; Allen, DM.  Quantifying heterogeneity in variably fractured sedimentary rock using a hydrostructural domain.   Geol. Soc. Am. Bull.,  2008,  120: 225-237 DOI
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20. Denny, SC; Allen, DM; Journeay, JM.  DRASTIC-Fm: a modified vulnerability mapping method for structurally controlled aquifers in the southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2007,  15: 483-493 DOI
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18. Scibek, J; Allen, DM; Cannon, AJ; Whitfield, PH.  Groundwater-surface water interaction under scenarios of climate change using a high-resolution transient groundwater model.   J. Hydrol.,  2007,  333: 165-181 DOI
17. Toews, MW; Whitfield, PH; Allen, DM.  Seasonal statistics: The 'seas' package for R.   Comput. Geosci.,  2007,  33: 944-951 DOI
16. Allen, DM; Grasby, SE; Voormeij, DA.  Determining the circulation depth of thermal springs in the southern Rocky Mountain Trench, south-eastern British Columbia, Canada using geothermometry and borehole temperature logs.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2006,  14: 159-172 DOI
15. Bridger, DW; Allen, DM.  An investigation into the effects of diffusion on salinity distribution beneath the Fraser River Delta, Canada.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2006,  14: 1423-1442 DOI
14. Scibek, J; Allen, DM.  Modeled impacts of predicted climate change on recharge and groundwater levels.   Water Resour. Res.,  2006,  42 DOI
13. Scibek, J; Allen, DM.  Comparing modelled responses of two high-permeability, unconfined aquifers to predicted climate change.   Glob. Planet. Change,  2006,  50: 50-62 DOI
12. Bridger, DW; Allen, DM.  Designing aquifer thermal energy storage systems.   ASHRAE J.,  2005,  47: S32-+
11. Allen, DM.  Sources of ground water salinity on islands using O-18, H-2, and S-34.   Ground Water,  2004,  42: 17-31 DOI  PubMed
10. Allen, DM; Mackie, DC; Wei, M.  Groundwater and climate change: a sensitivity analysis for the Grand Forks aquifer, southern British Columbia, Canada.   Hydrogeol. J.,  2004,  12: 270-290 DOI
9. Lepitre, ME; Allen, DM; Mortensen, JK; Gabites, JE.  Differentiating sources of dissolved lead in mine waters using lead isotope techniques, Sullivan Mine, British Columbia.   Water Resour. Res.,  2003,  39 DOI
8. Michel, FA; Allen, DM; Grant, MB.  Hydrogeochemistry and geothermal characteristics of the White Lake Basin, South-central British Columbia, Canada.   Geothermics,  2002,  31: 169-194 DOI
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6. Ghomshei, MM; Allen, DM.  Hydrochemical and stable isotope assessment of tailings pond leakage, Nickel Plate Mine, British Columbia.   Environ. Geol.,  2000,  39: 937-944 DOI
5. Ghomshei, MM; Allen, DM.  Potential application of oxygen-18 and deuterium in mining effluent and acid rock drainage studies.   Environ. Geol.,  2000,  39: 767-773 DOI
4. Allen, DM; Michel, FA.  Characterizing a faulted aquifer by field testing and numerical simulation.   Ground Water,  1999,  37: 718-728 DOI  PubMed
3. Allen, DM.  Detailed pumping test to characterize a fractured bedrock aquifer - Discussion.   Ground Water,  1998,  36: 197-197 DOI
2. Allen, DM; Michel, FA.  Evaluation of multi-well test data in a faulted aquifer using linear and radial flow models.   Ground Water,  1998,  36: 938-948 DOI
1. Allen, DM; Michel, FA.  The successful use of microgravity profiling to delineate faults in buried Bedrock Valleys.   Ground Water,  1996,  34: 1132-1140 DOI
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