Selected Publications of Glyn Williams-Jones

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12. Unnsteinsson, T; Flowers, G; Williams-Jones, G.  Formation and persistence of glaciovolcanic voids explored with analytical and numerical models.   Journal of Glaciology,  2024,   DOI
11. Anzieta, J, Pacheco, D, Williams-Jones, G, Ruiz, M.  Cleaning volcano‑seismic event catalogues: a machine learning application for robust systems and potential crises in volcano observatories.   Bulletin of Volcanology,  2023,  85: 59  PDF DOI
10. Le Moigne, Y; Vigouroux, N; Russell, JK; Williams-Jones, G.  Magmatic origin and storage conditions for the eruption of Tseax volcano, Northern Cordillera Volcanic Province, Canada.   Chemical Geology,  2022,  588: 120648  Website DOI
9. Le Moigne, Y; Williams-Jones, G; Vigouroux, N; Russell, JK.  Chronology and eruption dynamics of the historic ~ 1700 CE eruption of Tseax Volcano, British Columbia, Canada.   Frontiers in Earth Science,  2022,  10: 910451  PDF DOI
8. Warwick, R; Williams-Jones, G; Kelman, M; Witter, JB.  A scenario-based volcanic hazard assessment for the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex, British Columbia.   Journal of Applied Volcanology,  2022,  11:1-22  Website DOI
7. Le Moigne, Y, Zurek, JM, Williams-Jones, G, Lev, E; Calahorrano-Di Patre, A; Anzieta, JC.  Standing waves in high speed lava channels: A tool for constraining lava flow dynamics and eruptive parameters.   Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research,  2020,  401, 106944  PDF DOI
6. Le Moigne, Y; Williams-Jones, G; Russell, JK; Quane, S.  Physical volcanology of Tseax volcano, British Columbia, Canada.   Journal of Maps,  2020,  16(2), 363-375  PDF DOI
5. Venugopal, S; Schiavi, F; Moune, S; Bolfan-Casanova, N; Druitt, T; Williams-Jones, G.  Melt inclusion vapour bubbles: the hidden reservoir for major, trace and volatile elements.   Nature Scientific Reports,  2020,  10, 9034  PDF DOI
4. Williams-Jones, G; Barendregt, RW; Russell, JK; Le Moigne, Y; Enkin, RJ; Gallo R.  The age of the Tseax volcanic eruption, British Columbia, Canada.   Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences,  2020,    PDF DOI
3. Venugopal, S; Moune, S; Williams-Jones, G; Druitt, T; Vigouroux, N; Wilson, A; Russell, JK.  Two distinct mantle sources beneath the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt: Insight from olivine-hosted melt inclusions.   Chem. Geol.,  2019,  532, 119346  PDF DOI
2. MacQueen, P; Zurek, J; Williams-Jones, G.  Connected magma plumbing system between Cerro Negro and El Hoyo Complex, Nicaragua revealed by gravity survey.   Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research,  2016,  327: 375-384  PDF DOI
1. Miller, CA; Williams-Jones, G.  Internal structure and volcanic hazard potential of Mt Tongariro, New Zealand, from 3D gravity and magnetic models.   Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research,  2016,  319: 12-28 DOI
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