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13. Carrasco, J., Sepúlveda, S.A., Lara, M., Rosales, V.  Expansion evidences of the Yerba Loca landslide, central Andes (in Spanish).   Revista Asociacion Geologica Argentina,  2023,  80(2), 273-279
12. Sepúlveda, S.A., Tobar, C., Rosales, V., Ochoa-Cornejo, F., Lara, M.  Megalandslides and deglaciation: modelling of two case studies in the central Andes.   Natural Hazards,  2023,  118, 1561-1572
11. Sepúlveda, S.A., Ward, B.C., Cosman, S.B., Jacobs, R.  Preliminary investigations of ground failures triggered during the mid-November 2021 atmospheric river event along the Southwestern British Columbia highway corridors.   Canadian Geotechnical Journal,  2023,  60, 580-586  Link
10. Soto, M.V., Arriagada, J., Molina-Benavides, M., Cabello, M., Contreras, M., Ibarra, I. Guevara, G., Sepúlveda, S.A., Maerker, M.  Geodynamic hotspots in a periglacial landscape: natural hazards and impacts on productive activities in Chilean fjordlands, Northern Patagonia.   Geosciences,  2023,  13 (7),209 DOI
9. Garcia-Delgado, H; Petley, DN; Bermudez, MA; Sepúlveda, SA.  Fatal landslides in Colombia (from historical times to 2020) and their socio-economic impacts.   Landslides,  2022,   DOI
8. Sepúlveda, S.A.; Moreiras, S.M.; Chacón, D.; Villaseñor, T.; Jeanneret, P.; Poblete, F.  The Pangal landslide complex, Cachapoal basin, central Chile (34°S): an example of a multi-temporal slope instability cluster in the Andes.   Journal of South American Earth Sciences,  2022,  115:103769 DOI
7. Araya, J., De Pascale, G.P., Mardel, R., Sepúlveda, S.A.  The likely Quaternary active El Arrayan fault, Santiago, Chile.   Andean Geology,  2021,  48(3): 529-545 DOI
6. Brain, M.J.; Moya, S.; Kincey, M.E.; Tunstall, N.; Petley, D.N.; Sepúlveda, S.A.  Controls on post-seismic landslide behaviour in brittle rocks.   Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface,  2021,  126, e2021JF006242 DOI
5. De Pascale, GP; Froude, M; Penna, I; Hermanns, RL; Sepúlveda, SA; Moncada, D; Persico, M; Easton, G; Villalobos, A; Gutierrez, F.  Liquine-Ofqui's fast slipping intra-volcanic arc crustal faulting above the subducted Chile Ridge.   Sci Rep,  2021,  11 DOI  PubMed
4. Junquera-Torrado, S; Moreiras, SM; Rodriguez-Peces, MJ; Sepúlveda, SA.  Linking earthquake-triggered paleolandslides to their seismic source and to the possible seismic event that originated them in a portion of the Argentine Precordillera (31 degrees-33 degrees S).   Nat. Hazards,  2021,  106: 43-78 DOI
3. Moreiras, SM; Sepúlveda, SA; Correas-Gonzalez, M; Lauro, C; Vergara, I; Jeanneret, P; Junquera-Torrado, S; Cuevas, JG; Maldonado, A; Antinao, JL; Lara, M.  Debris Flows Occurrence in the Semiarid Central Andes under Climate Change Scenario.   Geosciences,  2021,  11 DOI
2. Sepúlveda, S.A., Alfaro, A., Lara, M., Carrasco, J., Olea-Encina, P., Rebolledo, S., Garcés, M.  An active large rock slide in the Andean paraglacial environment: the Yerba Loca landslide, central Chile.   Landslides,  2021,  18, 697-705 DOI
1. Serey, A; Sepúlveda, SA; Murphy, W; Petley, DN; De Pascale, G.  Developing conceptual models for the recognition of coseismic landslides hazard for shallow crustal and megathrust earthquakes in different mountain environments - an example from the Chilean Andes.   Q. J. Eng. Geol. Hydrogeol.,  2021,  54 DOI
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