Database driven Online Web Forms

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Employment Applications (Sessionals & Professorships)

TA Applications (* means an error message is returned when your computing ID does not match a corresponding record)



  • Entry Form (First searches computing ID for existing Timesheets, if none found forwards to add new Timesheet)
  • * Supervisor VIEW (Allows supervisors and their delegates to see all Timesheets entered with their computing ID as Supervisor).

Purchase Requisitions (with *Supervisor Approval)
    (Because of improvements in FINS, this may no longer be needed)

    Currently for Biology but I plan to expand it. Example for individuals with selected publications (See explanation)     

Biology Undergraduate Research Projects
    (Looking for Students (298/498/ISS), Workers or Volunteers)
    Add New and Edit Projects- Just about anyone in biology/ science) can add projects

Registration for 298/498/497/ISS
  Communication between Undergraduate, Professor/Supervisor & Advisor


  Most of these services can be administered via the web or with Filemaker.

* means the user's computing ID will be used to match records and if none are found an error message is generated.

  • Please send any suggestions or questions to Dave Carmean, Thank you!