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21. Chua, MD; Liou, CH; Bogdan, AC; Law, HT; Yeh, KM; Lin, JC; Siu, LK; Guttman, JA.  (2019)   Klebsiella pneumoniae disassembles host microtubules in lung epithelial cells.  Cell Microbiol. 21 DOI  PubMed
20. Dhanda, AS; Lulic, KT; Vogl, AW; Mc Gee, MM; Chiu, RH; Guttman, JA.  (2019)   Listeria Membrane Protrusion Collapse: Requirement of Cyclophilin A for Listeria Cell-to-Cell Spreading.  J. Infect. Dis. 219 DOI  PubMed
19. Dhanda, AS; Vogl, AW; Albraiki, SE; Otey, CA; Beck, MR; Guttman, JA.  (2018)   Palladin Compensates for the Arp2/3 Complex and Supports Actin Structures during Listeria Infections.  mBio 9 DOI  PubMed
18. Chua, MD; Siu, LK; Yeh, K; Guttman, JA.  (2017)   The Klebsiella pneumoniae Gene ytfL Triggers Microtubule Disassembly in Lung Epithelial Cells through KATNAL1.  FASEB Journal 31
17. Dhanda, AS; Vogi, AW; Otey, CA; Beck, MR; Guttman, JA.  (2017)   Palladin Can Compensate for Arp2/3 Complex Defects and Structurally Organizes Actin-Rich Structures Generated during Listeria monocytogenes Infections.  FASEB Journal 31
16. Chua, MD; Hipolito, KJ; Guttman, JA.  (2016)   SM22 (Transgelin) plays a functional role in bacteria-induced actin-rich structures.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 27
15. Dhanda, AS; Warren, KE; Guttman, JA.  (2016)   Cyclophilin A is a novel leading edge protein, regulator of bacterial invasion and crucial component for Listeria cell-to-cell spreading.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 27
14. Chua, M; Hipolito, K; Guttman, J.  (2015)   Analysis of SM22 at Enteropathogenic Escherichia coil Induced Pedestals.  FASEB Journal 29
13. Dhanda, A; Guttman, J.  (2015)   Cyclophilin A, a Novel Component of Listeria monocytogenes Comet Tails.  FASEB Journal 29
12. Law HT, Chua M, Moon KM, Foster LJ, Guttman JA.  (2015)   Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics Identification of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Pedestal Constituents.  J Proteome Res. Jun 5;14(6):2520-7 DOI
11. Lo, K; Visram, S; Vogl, A; Shen, J; Guttman, J.  (2015)   Identification and Characterization of a Francisella tularensis is Protein required for Vacuole Escape and Tularemia Development.  FASEB Journal 29
10. Law, HT; Bonazzi, M; Jackson, J; Cossart, P; Guttman, JA.  (2012)   Nexilin is a dynamic component of Listeria monocytogenes and enteropathogenic Escherichia coli actin-rich structures.  Cellular Microbiology 14: 1097-1108 DOI
9. Lin, AE; Benmerah, A; Guttman, JA.  (2011)   Eps15 and Epsin1 Are Crucial for Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Pedestal Formation Despite the Absence of Adaptor Protein 2.  Journal of Infectious Diseases 204: 695-703 DOI
8. Guttman, JA; Lin, AEJ; Li, YL; Bechberger, J; Naus, CC; Vogl, AW; Finlay, BB.  (2010)   Gap junction hemichannels contribute to the generation of diarrhoea during infectious enteric disease.  Gut 59: 218-226 DOI
7. Shames, SR; Deng, WY; Guttman, JA; de Hoog, CL; Li, YL; Hardwidge, PR; Sham, HP; Vallance, BA; Foster, LJ; Finlay, BB.  (2010)   The pathogenic E-coli type III effector EspZ interacts with host CD98 and facilitates host cell prosurvival signalling.  Cellular Microbiology 12: 1322-1339 DOI
6. Menendez, A; Arena, ET; Guttman, JA; Thorson, L; Vallance, BA; Vogl, W; Finlay, BB.  (2009)   Salmonella Infection of Gallbladder Epithelial Cells Drives Local Inflammation and Injury in a Model of Acute Typhoid Fever.  Journal of Infectious Diseases 200: 1703-1713 DOI
5. Valdez, Y; Grassl, GA; Guttman, JA; Coburn, B; Gros, P; Vallance, BA; Finlay, BB.  (2009)   Nramp1 drives an accelerated inflammatory response during Salmonella-induced colitis in mice.  Cellular Microbiology 11: 351-362 DOI
4. Guttman JA, Finlay BB.  (2008)   Subcellular alterations that lead to diarrhea during bacterial pathogenesis.  Trends in Microbiology 16(11):535-42. Epub 2008 Sep 25. DOI
3. Valdez, Y; Diehl, GE; Vallance, BA; Grassl, GA; Guttman, JA; Brown, NF; Rosenberger, CM; Littman, DR; Gros, P; Finlay, BB.  (2008)   Nramp1 expression by dendritic cells modulates inflammatory responses during Salmonella Typhimurium infection.  Cellular Microbiology 10: 1646-1661 DOI
2. Bhavsar A, Guttman, JA., Finlay, BB.  (2007)   Manipulation of host-cell pathways by bacterial pathogens.  Nature 449:827-834.  PDF DOI
1. Leavitt, BR; Guttman, JA; Hodgson, JG; Kimel, GH; Singaraja, R; Vogl, AW; Hayden, MR.  (2001)   Wild-type huntingtin reduces the cellular toxicity of mutant huntingtin in vivo.  American Journal of Human Genetics 68: 313-324 DOI
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