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90. Dhanda, AS; Yang, DN; Guttman, JA.  (2021)   Localization of alpha-actinin-4 during infections by actin remodeling bacteria.  Anat. Rec. 304: 1400-1419 DOI  PubMed
89. Dhanda, AS; Yang, DN; Kooner, A; Guttman, JA.  (2021)   Distribution of PDLIM1 at actin-rich structures generated by invasive and adherent bacterial pathogens.  Anat. Rec. 304: 919-938 DOI  PubMed
88. Dhanda, AS; Yu, C; Lulic, KT; Vogl, AW; Rausch, V; Yang, D; Nichols, BJ; Kim, SH; Polo, S; Hansen, CG; Guttman, JA.  (2020)   Listeria monocytogenes Exploits Host Caveolin for Cell-to-Cell Spreading.  mBio 11 DOI  PubMed
87. Aggarwal, P; Wei, LF; Cao, YP; Liu, Q; Guttman, JA; Wang, QY; Leung, KY.  (2019)   Edwardsiella induces microtubule-severing in host epithelial cells.  Microbiol. Res. 229 DOI  PubMed
86. Chua, MD; Bogdan, AC; Guttman, JA.  (2019)   Klebsiella pneumoniae Redistributes Katanin Severing Proteins and Alters Astral Microtubules during Mitosis.  Anat. Rec. DOI  PubMed
85. Chua, MD; Liou, CH; Bogdan, AC; Law, HT; Yeh, KM; Lin, JC; Siu, LK; Guttman, JA.  (2019)   Klebsiella pneumoniae disassembles host microtubules in lung epithelial cells.  Cell Microbiol. 21 DOI  PubMed
84. Dhanda, AS; Lulic, KT; Vogl, AW; Mc Gee, MM; Chiu, RH; Guttman, JA.  (2019)   Listeria Membrane Protrusion Collapse: Requirement of Cyclophilin A for Listeria Cell-to-Cell Spreading.  J. Infect. Dis. 219 DOI  PubMed
83. Dhanda, AS; Lulic, KT; Yu, C; Chiu, RH; Bukrinsky, M; Guttman, JA.  (2019)   Listeria monocytogenes hijacks CD147 to ensure proper membrane protrusion formation and efficient bacterial dissemination.  Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 76: 4165-4178 DOI  PubMed
82. Dhanda, AS; Yu, C; Guttman, JA.  (2019)   Distribution of CD147 During Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Infections.  Anat. Rec. 302: 2224-2232 DOI  PubMed
81. Chua, MD; Hipolito, KJ; Singerr, OB; Solway, J; Guttman, JA.  (2018)   SM22 is required for the maintenance of actin-rich structures generated during bacterial infections.  Exp. Cell Res. 369 DOI  PubMed
80. Chua, MD; Walker, BD; Jin, JP; Guttman, JA.  (2018)   Calponins Are Recruited to Actin-Rich Structures Generated by Pathogenic Escherichia coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.  Anat. Rec. 301 DOI  PubMed
79. Dhanda, AS; Vogl, AW; Albraiki, SE; Otey, CA; Beck, MR; Guttman, JA.  (2018)   Palladin Compensates for the Arp2/3 Complex and Supports Actin Structures during Listeria Infections.  mBio 9 DOI  PubMed
78. Dhanda, AS; Warren, KE; Chiu, RH; Guttman, JA.  (2018)   Cyclophilin A Controls Salmonella Internalization Levels and is Present at E. coli Actin-Rich Pedestals.  Anat. Rec. 301 DOI  PubMed
77. Vogl, AW; Guttman, JA.  (2018)   An Introduction to Actin Actin-Rich Structures.  Anat. Rec. 301 DOI  PubMed
76. Walker, BD; Chua, MD; Guttman, JA.  (2018)   Hsc70 is a Component of Bacterially Generated Actin-Rich Structures: An Immunolocalization Study.  Anat. Rec. 301 DOI  PubMed
75. Chua, MD; Siu, LK; Yeh, K; Guttman, JA.  (2017)   The Klebsiella pneumoniae Gene ytfL Triggers Microtubule Disassembly in Lung Epithelial Cells through KATNAL1.  FASEB Journal 31
74. Dhanda, AS; Vogi, AW; Otey, CA; Beck, MR; Guttman, JA.  (2017)   Palladin Can Compensate for Arp2/3 Complex Defects and Structurally Organizes Actin-Rich Structures Generated during Listeria monocytogenes Infections.  FASEB Journal 31
73. Kolappan, S; Lo, KY; Shen, CLJ; Guttman, JA; Craig, L.  (2017)   Structure of the conserved Francisella virulence protein FvfA.  Acta Crystallogr. Sect. D-Struct. Biol. 73: 814-821 DOI
72. Chua, MD; Hipolito, KJ; Guttman, JA.  (2016)   SM22 (Transgelin) plays a functional role in bacteria-induced actin-rich structures.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 27
71. Dhanda, AS; Warren, KE; Guttman, JA.  (2016)   Cyclophilin A is a novel leading edge protein, regulator of bacterial invasion and crucial component for Listeria cell-to-cell spreading.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 27
70. Law, RJ; Law, HT; Scurll, JM; Scholz, R; Santos, AS; Shames, SR; Deng, WY; Croxen, MA; Li, YL; de Hoog, CL; van der Heijden, J; Foster, LJ; Guttman, JA; Finlay, BB.  (2016)   Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Identifies Novel Host Binding Partners for Pathogenic Escherichia coli Type III Secretion System Effectors.  Journal of Proteome Research 15: 1613-1622 DOI
69. Lo, KY; Visram, S; Vogl, AW; Shen, CLJ; Guttman, JA.  (2016)   Morphological analysis of Francisella novicida epithelial cell infections in the absence of functional FipA.  Cell and Tissue Research 363: 449-459 DOI
68. Chua, M; Hipolito, K; Guttman, J.  (2015)   Analysis of SM22 at Enteropathogenic Escherichia coil Induced Pedestals.  FASEB Journal 29
67. Dhanda, A; Guttman, J.  (2015)   Cyclophilin A, a Novel Component of Listeria monocytogenes Comet Tails.  FASEB Journal 29
66. Law HT, Chua M, Moon KM, Foster LJ, Guttman JA.  (2015)   Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics Identification of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Pedestal Constituents.  J Proteome Res. Jun 5;14(6):2520-7 DOI
65. Law, HT; Chua, M; Moon, KM; Foster, LJ; Guttman, JA.  (2015)   Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics Identification of Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Pedestal Constituents.  Journal of Proteome Research 14: 2520-2527 DOI
64. Lo, K; Visram, S; Vogl, A; Shen, J; Guttman, J.  (2015)   Identification and Characterization of a Francisella tularensis is Protein required for Vacuole Escape and Tularemia Development.  FASEB Journal 29
63. Law, HT; Sriram, A; Fevang, C; Nix, EB; Nano, FE; Guttman, JA.  (2014)   IgIC and PdpA Are Important for Promoting Francisella Invasion and Intracellular Growth in Epithelial Cells.  PLOS One 9 DOI  PubMed
62. Lo, KYS; Chua, MD; Abdulla, S; Law, HT; Guttman, JA.  (2013)   Examination of in vitro epithelial cell lines as models for Francisella tularensis non-phagocytic infections.  Journal of Microbiological Methods 93: 153-160 DOI
61. Auweter, SD; Yu, HB; Arena, ET; Guttman, JA; Finlay, BB.  (2012)   Oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP) enhances replication of intracellular Salmonella and binds the Salmonella SPI-2 effector SseL via its N-terminus.  Microbes and Infection 14: 148-154 DOI
60. Law, HT; Bonazzi, M; Jackson, J; Cossart, P; Guttman, JA.  (2012)   Nexilin is a dynamic component of Listeria monocytogenes and enteropathogenic Escherichia coli actin-rich structures.  Cellular Microbiology 14: 1097-1108 DOI
59. Lin, AE; Guttman, JA.  (2012)   Lack of Tir Ubiquitylation Contributes to Enteropathogenic E. coli Remaining Extracellular During Nonphagocytic Cell Infections.  Anatomical Record-Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology 295: 1230-1238 DOI
58. Lin, AE; Guttman, JA.  (2012)   The Escherichia coli adherence factor plasmid of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli causes a global decrease in ubiquitylated host cell proteins by decreasing ubiquitin E1 enzyme expression through host aspartyl proteases.  International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 44: 2223-2232 DOI
57. Ruetz, TJ; Lin, AE; Guttman, JA.  (2012)   Shigella flexneri utilize the spectrin cytoskeleton during invasion and comet tail generation.  BMC Microbiology 12 DOI
56. Ruetz, TJ; Lin, AEJ; Guttman, JA.  (2012)   Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli requires the spectrin cytoskeleton for efficient attachment and pedestal formation on host cells.  Microbial Pathogenesis 52: 149-156 DOI
55. Ruetz, TJ; Vogl, AW; Guttman, JA.  (2012)   Detailed Examination of Cytoskeletal Networks Within Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Pedestals.  Anatomical Record-Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology 295: 201-207 DOI
54. Young, JS., De Asis, M., Guttman, J and Vogl, AW.  (2012)   Cortactin depletion results in short tubulobulbar complexes and spermiation failure in rat testes.  Biol Open 1(11):1069-1077 DOI
53. Arena, ET; Auweter, SD; Antunes, LCM; Vogl, AW; Han, J; Guttman, JA; Croxen, MA; Menendez, A; Covey, SD; Borchers, CH; Finlay, BB.  (2011)   The Deubiquitinase Activity of the Salmonella Pathogenicity Island 2 Effector, SseL, Prevents Accumulation of Cellular Lipid Droplets.  Infection and Immunity 79: 4392-4400 DOI
52. Law, HT; Lin, AEJ; Kim, Y; Quach, B; Nano, FE; Guttman, JA.  (2011)   Francisella tularensis Uses Cholesterol and Clathrin-Based Endocytic Mechanisms to Invade Hepatocytes.  Scientific Reports 1 DOI
51. Lin, AE; Benmerah, A; Guttman, JA.  (2011)   Eps15 and Epsin1 Are Crucial for Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Pedestal Formation Despite the Absence of Adaptor Protein 2.  Journal of Infectious Diseases 204: 695-703 DOI
50. Ruetz, T; Cornick, S; Guttman, JA.  (2011)   The Spectrin Cytoskeleton Is Crucial for Adherent and Invasive Bacterial Pathogenesis.  PLOS One 6(5):e19940 DOI
49. Guttman, JA; Lin, AE; Veiga, E; Cossart, P; Finlay, BB.  (2010)   Role for CD2AP and Other Endocytosis-Associated Proteins in Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Pedestal Formation.  Infection and Immunity 78: 3316-3322 DOI
48. Guttman, JA; Lin, AEJ; Li, YL; Bechberger, J; Naus, CC; Vogl, AW; Finlay, BB.  (2010)   Gap junction hemichannels contribute to the generation of diarrhoea during infectious enteric disease.  Gut 59: 218-226 DOI
47. Lin, AEJ; Guttman, JA.  (2010)   Hijacking the endocytic machinery by microbial pathogens.  Protoplasma 244: 75-90 DOI
46. Shames, SR; Deng, WY; Guttman, JA; de Hoog, CL; Li, YL; Hardwidge, PR; Sham, HP; Vallance, BA; Foster, LJ; Finlay, BB.  (2010)   The pathogenic E-coli type III effector EspZ interacts with host CD98 and facilitates host cell prosurvival signalling.  Cellular Microbiology 12: 1322-1339 DOI
45. Guttman, JA; Finlay, BB.  (2009)   Tight junctions as targets of infectious agents.  Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes 1788: 832-841 DOI
44. Menendez, A; Arena, ET; Guttman, JA; Thorson, L; Vallance, BA; Vogl, W; Finlay, BB.  (2009)   Salmonella Infection of Gallbladder Epithelial Cells Drives Local Inflammation and Injury in a Model of Acute Typhoid Fever.  Journal of Infectious Diseases 200: 1703-1713 DOI
43. Valdez, Y; Grassl, GA; Guttman, JA; Coburn, B; Gros, P; Vallance, BA; Finlay, BB.  (2009)   Nramp1 drives an accelerated inflammatory response during Salmonella-induced colitis in mice.  Cellular Microbiology 11: 351-362 DOI
42. Young, JS; Guttman, JA; Vaid, KS; Shahinian, H; Vogl, AW.  (2009)   Cortactin (CTTN), N-WASP (WASL), and Clathrin (CLTC) Are Present at Podosome-Like Tubulobulbar Complexes in the Rat Testis.  Biology of Reproduction 80: 153-161 DOI
41. Young, JS; Guttman, JA; Vaid, KS; Vogl, AW.  (2009)   Tubulobulbar Complexes Are Intercellular Podosome-Like Structures That Internalize Intact Intercellular Junctions During Epithelial Remodeling Events in the Rat Testis.  Biology of Reproduction 80: 162-174 DOI
40. Bergstrom KS, Guttman JA, Rumi M, Ma C, Bouzari S, Khan MA, Gibson DL, Vogl AW, Vallance BA.  (2008)   Modulation of intestinal goblet cell function during infection by an attaching and effacing bacterial pathogen.  Infect Immun. 76(2):796-811.  PDF DOI
39. Champion OL, Valdez Y, Thorson L, Guttman JA, Menendez A, Gaynor EC, Finlay BB.  (2008)   A murine intraperitoneal infection model reveals that host resistance to Campylobacter jejuni is Nramp1 dependent.  Microbes and Infection 10(8):922-7. Epub 2008 May 14. DOI
38. Guttman JA, Finlay BB.  (2008)   Subcellular alterations that lead to diarrhea during bacterial pathogenesis.  Trends in Microbiology 16(11):535-42. Epub 2008 Sep 25. DOI
37. Guttman, JA., Young JS and Vogl, AW.  (2008)   Clathrin is present in regions containing tubulobulbar in the testis.  FASEB Journal (22).
36. Valdez, Y; Diehl, GE; Vallance, BA; Grassl, GA; Guttman, JA; Brown, NF; Rosenberger, CM; Littman, DR; Gros, P; Finlay, BB.  (2008)   Nramp1 expression by dendritic cells modulates inflammatory responses during Salmonella Typhimurium infection.  Cellular Microbiology 10: 1646-1661 DOI
35. Vogl, AW; Vaid, KS; Guttman, JA.  (2008)   The Sertoli Cell Cytoskeleton.  Molecular Mechanisms in Spermatogenesis 636: 186-211
34. Bhavsar A, Guttman, JA., Finlay, BB.  (2007)   Manipulation of host-cell pathways by bacterial pathogens.  Nature 449:827-834.  PDF DOI
33. Guttman JA, Vaid KS, Vogl AW.  (2007)   Enrichment and disassembly of ectoplasmic specializations in the rat testis.  Methods in Molecular Biology 392:159-70.
32. Guttman, JA; Kazemi, P; Lin, AE; Vogl, AW; Finlay, BB.  (2007)   Desmosomes are unaltered during infections by attaching and effacing pathogens.  Anatomical Record-Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology 290: 199-205 DOI
31. Guttman, JA; Lin, AE; Li, YL; Naus, C; Vogl, AW; Finlay, BB.  (2007)   Functional gap junction hemichannels are generated in vivo during infectious enteric disease.  FASEB Journal 21: A80
30. Guttman, JA; Vaid, KS; Vogl, AW.  (2007)   A re-evaluation of gelsolin at ectoplasmic specializations in sertoli cells: The influence of serum in blocking buffers on staining patterns.  Anatomical Record-Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology 290: 324-329 DOI
29. Guttman, JA.*, Samji, FN.*, Li, Y., Deng, W., Lin, AE. and Finlay, BB.  (2007)   Aquaporins contribute to diarrhea caused by attaching and effacing bacterial pathogens.  Cell Microbiol. 9(1): 131-141. DOI
28. Vaid, KS; Guttman, JA; Babyak, N; Deng, W; McNiven, MA; Mochizuki, N; Finlay, BB; Vogl, AW.  (2007)   The role of dynamin 3 in the testis.  Journal of Cellular Physiology 210: 644-654 DOI
27. Vaid, KS; Guttman, JA; Singaraja, RR; Vogl, AW.  (2007)   A kinesin is present at unique sertoli/spermatid adherens junctions in rat and mouse testes.  Biology of Reproduction 77: 1037-1048 DOI
26. Veiga E, Guttman JA, Bonazzi M, Boucrot E, Toledo-Arana A, Lin AE, Enninga J, Pizarro-Cerd√° J, Finlay BB, Kirchhausen T, Cossart P.  (2007)   Invasive and adherent bacterial pathogens co-Opt host clathrin for infection.  Cell Host & Microbe 2(5):340-51.  Website DOI
25. Guttman, JA; Li, Y; Wickham, ME; Deng, W; Samji, FN; Vogl, AW; Finlay, BB.  (2006)   Intimate attachment of A/E pathogens disrupt tight junctions in vivo.  FASEB Journal 20: A449
24. Guttman, JA; Li, YL; Wickham, ME; Deng, WY; Vogl, AW; Finlay, BB.  (2006)   Attaching and effacing pathogen-induced tight junction disruption in vivo.  Cellular Microbiology 8: 634-645 DOI
23. Guttman, JA; Rusnak, C; Wilkinson, D; Deng, WY; Roskelley, C; Finlay, B; Takai, Y; Vogl, W.  (2006)   Transfection of Sertoli cells ex vivo; Opening the door to the in vitro study of junction turnover in the seminiferous epithelium.  FASEB Journal 20: A883
22. Guttman, JA; Samji, FN; Li, YL; Vogl, AW; Finlay, BB.  (2006)   Evidence that tight junctions are disrupted due to intimate bacterial contact and not inflammation during attaching and effacing pathogen infection in vivo.  Infection and Immunity 74: 6075-6084 DOI
21. Ma, CX; Wickham, ME; Guttman, JA; Deng, WY; Walker, J; Madsen, KL; Jacobson, K; Vogl, WA; Finlay, BB; Vallance, BA.  (2006)   Citrobacter rodentium infection causes both mitochondrial dysfunction and intestinal epithelial barrier disruption in vivo: role of mitochondrial associated protein (Map).  Cell Microbiol. 8: 1669-1686 DOI
20. Vaid, K; Guttman, J; Vogl, W.  (2006)   Evidence that a kinesin is associated with ectoplasmic specializations in the testis.  FASEB Journal 20: A883
19. Guttman, JA; Obinata, T; Shima, J; Griswold, M; Vogl, AW.  (2004)   Non-muscle cofilin is a component of tubulobulbar complexes in the testis.  Biology of Reproduction 70: 805-812 DOI
18. Guttman, JA; Takai, Y; Vogl, AW.  (2004)   Evidence that tubulobulbar complexes in the seminiferous epithelium are involved with internalization of adhesion junctions.  Biology of Reproduction 71: 548-559 DOI
17. Guttman, JA; Vogl, AW.  (2004)   Evidence supporting the presence of kinesin-like proteins at unique intercellular adhesion junctions in the testis.  FASEB Journal 18: A1122-A1122
16. Vaid, KS; Guttman, JA; Vogl, AW.  (2004)   A re-evaluation of gelsolin at ectoplasmic specializations in Sertoli cells - The influence of serum in blocking buffers on staining patterns.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 15: 91A-91A
15. Guttman, JA; Janmey, P; Vogl, AW.  (2002)   Gelsolin - evidence for a role in turnover of junction-related actin filaments in Sertoli cells.  Journal of Cell Science 115: 499-505  Website
14. Guttman, JA; Lee, LE; Vogl, AW.  (2002)   Evidence that gamma tubulin is located peripherally in Sertoli cells.  FASEB Journal 16: A1101-A1101
13. Guttman, JA; Vaid, KS; Vogl, AW.  (2002)   Rac1 is present in Sertoli cell structures (ectoplasmic specializations) associated with intercellular adhesion.  FASEB Journal 16: A1100-A1100
12. Velichkova, M; Guttman, J; Warren, C; Eng, L; Kline, K; Vogl, AW; Hasson, T.  (2002)   A human homologue of Drosophila Kelch associates with myosin-VIIa in speciaiized adhesion junctions.  Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton 51: 147-164 DOI
11. Guttman, JA; Vogl, AG.  (2001)   Evidence that a kinesin is present at Sertoli cell/spermatid adhesion junctions in the testis.  Mol. Biol. Cell 12: 309A
10. Guttman, JA; Vogl, AW.  (2001)   Evidence that gelsolin is a component of Sertoli cell structures associated with intercellular attachment.  FASEB Journal 15: A376-A376
9. Leavitt, BR; Guttman, JA; Hodgson, JG; Kimel, GH; Singaraja, R; Vogl, AW; Hayden, MR.  (2001)   Wild-type huntingtin reduces the cellular toxicity of mutant huntingtin in vivo.  American Journal of Human Genetics 68: 313-324 DOI
8. Velichkova, M; Guttman, J; Warren, C; Eng, L; Kline, K; Vogl, W; Hasson, T.  (2001)   A human homologue of Drosophila kelch is a new component of focal adhesions.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 12: 427A-428A
7. Guttman, JA; Kimel, GH; Vogl, AW.  (2000)   Dynein and plus-end microtubule-dependent motors are associated with specialized Sertoli cell junction plaques (ectoplasmic specializations).  Journal of Cell Science 113: 2167-2176  Website
6. Guttman, JA; Vogl, AW.  (2000)   Gelsolin is present in ectoplasmic specializations of Sertoli cells - Implications for actin related junction turnover in the seminiferous epithelium.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 11: 118A-118A
5. Guttman, JA; Vogl, AW.  (2000)   Evidence that plus- and minus-end directed motors are associated with specialized Sertoli cell junction plaques (ectoplasmic specializations).  FASEB Journal 14: A778-A778
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3. Guttman, JA; Mulholland, DJ; Vogl, AW.  (1999)   Plectin is concentrated at intercellular junctions and at the nuclear surface in morphologically differentiated rat Sertoli cells.  Anatomical Record 254: 418-428 DOI
2. Guttman, JA; Vogl, AW.  (1999)   Plus- and minus-end directed motors are associated with specialized Sertoli cell junction plaques (ectoplasmic specialization): Evidence from an in vitro motility assay.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 10: 276A-276A
1. Guttman, JA; Mulholland, DJ; Vogl, AW.  (1998)   Plectin is concentrated at intercellular junctions and at the nuclear surface in morphologically differentiated rat Sertoli cells.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 9: 67A-67A
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