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68. Guerra, VI; Haynes, G; Byrne, M; Hart, MW.  (2021)   Selection on genes associated with the evolution of divergent life histories: Gamete recognition or something else?  Evol. Dev. 23: 423-438 DOI  PubMed
67. Jackson, EW; Wilhelm, RC; Johnson, MR; Lutz, HL; Danforth, I; Gaydos, JK; Hart, MW; Hewson, I.  (2021)   Diversity of Sea Star-Associated Densoviruses and Transcribed Endogenous Viral Elements of Densovirus Origin.  J. Virol. 95 DOI  PubMed
66. Guerra, V; Haynes, G; Byrne, M; Yasuda, N; Adachi, S; Nakamura, M; Nakachi, S; Hart, MW.  (2019)   Nonspecific expression of fertilization genes in the crown-of-thorns Acanthaster cf. solaris: Unexpected evidence of hermaphroditism in a coral reef predator.  Mol. Ecol. DOI  PubMed
65. Hart, MW; Wonham, MJ.  (2019)   Body size variation in the sexually dimorphic scaphopod Rhabdus rectius (Carpenter, 1864) (Dentaliida: Rhabdidae).  Molluscan Res. 39: 205-213 DOI
64. Morgan, CC; Hart, MW.  (2019)   Molecular evolution of mammalian genes with epistatic interactions in fertilization.  BMC Evol. Biol. 19 DOI  PubMed
63. Hart, MW; Stover, DA; Guerra, V; Mozaffari, SV; Ober, C; Mugal, CF; Kaj, I.  (2018)   Positive selection on human gamete-recognition genes.  PeerJ 6 DOI
62. Wonham, MJ; Hart, MW.  (2018)   El Nino Range Extensions of Pacific Sand Crab (Emerita analoga) in the Northeastern Pacific.  Northwest Sci. 92
61. Hart, MW; Guerra, V.  (2017)   Finding genes and lineages under selection in speciation.  Mol. Ecol. 26: 3587-3590 DOI
60. Puritz, JB; Keever, CC; Addison, JA; Barbosa, SS; Byrne, M; Hart, MW; Grosberg, RK; Toonen, RJ.  (2017)   Life-history predicts past and present population connectivity in two sympatric sea stars.  Ecol. Evol. 7: 3916-3930 DOI
59. Patino, S; Keever, CC; Sunday, JM; Popovic, I; Byrne, M; Hart, MW.  (2016)   Sperm Bindin Divergence under Sexual Selection and Concerted Evolution in Sea Stars.  Molecular Biology and Evolution 33: 1988-2001 DOI
58. Hart, MW.  (2014)   Models of Selection, Isolation, and Gene Flow in Speciation.  Biological Bulletin 227: 133-145  PubMed
57. Hart, MW; Sunday, JM; Popovic, I; Learning, KJ; Konrad, CM.  (2014)   INCIPIENT SPECIATION OF SEA STAR POPULATIONS BY ADAPTIVE GAMETE RECOGNITION COEVOLUTION.  Evolution 68: 1294-1305 DOI
56. Popovic, I; Marko, PB; Wares, JP; Hart, MW.  (2014)   Selection and demographic history shape the molecular evolution of the gamete compatibility protein bindin in Pisaster sea stars.  Ecology and Evolution 4: 1567-1588 DOI
55. Sunday, JM; Popovic, I; Palen, WJ; Foreman, MGG; Hart, MW.  (2014)   Ocean circulation model predicts high genetic structure observed in a long-lived pelagic developer.  Molecular Ecology 23: 5036-5047 DOI  PubMed
54. Hart, MW.  (2013)   Structure and evolution of the sea star egg receptor for sperm bindin.  Molecular Ecology 22: 2143-2156 DOI
53. Hart, MW; Foster, A.  (2013)   Highly expressed genes in gonads of the bat star Patiria miniata: gene ontology, expression differences, and gamete recognition loci.  Invertebrate Biology 132: 241-250 DOI
52. Sunday, JM; Hart, MW.  (2013)   Sea star populations diverge by positive selection at a sperm-egg compatibility locus.  Ecology and Evolution 3: 640-654 DOI
51. Hart, MW.  (2012)   New sea urchin phylogeography reveals latitudinal shifts associated with speciation.  Molecular Ecology 21: 26-27 DOI
50. Hart, MW.  (2012)   NEXT-GENERATION STUDIES OF MATING SYSTEM EVOLUTION.  Evolution 66: 1675-1680 DOI
48. Marko, PB; Hart, MW.  (2012)   Retrospective coalescent methods and the reconstruction of metapopulation histories in the sea.  Evolutionary Ecology 26: 291-315 DOI
47. Puritz JB, Keever CC, Addison JA, Byrne M, Hart MW, Grosberg RK, Toonen RJ.  (2012)   Extraordinarily rapid life-history divergence between Cryptasterina sea star species.  Proc Biol Sci. Oct 7;279(1744):3914-22. Epub 2012 Jul 18.  Website
45. Hart, MW; Abt, CHJ; Emlet, RB.  (2011)   Molecular phylogeny of echinometrid sea urchins: more species of Heliocidaris with derived modes of reproduction.  Invertebrate Biology 130: 175-185 DOI
44. Marko, PB; Hart, MW.  (2011)   The complex analytical landscape of gene flow inference.  Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26: 448-456 DOI
43. Sunday, JM; Crim, RN; Harley, CDG; Hart, MW.  (2011)   Quantifying Rates of Evolutionary Adaptation in Response to Ocean Acidification.  PLOS One 6 DOI
42. Hart, MW; Jacobs, MW; Podolsky, RD.  (2010)   Introduction to the Symposium: Larval Forms.  Integrative and Comparative Biology 50: 536-538 DOI
41. Hart, MW; Marko, PB.  (2010)   It's About Time: Divergence, Demography, and the Evolution of Developmental Modes in Marine Invertebrates.  Integrative and Comparative Biology 50: 643-661 DOI
40. McGovern, TM; Keever, CC; Saski, CA; Hart, MW; Marko, PB.  (2010)   Divergence genetics analysis reveals historical population genetic processes leading to contrasting phylogeographic patterns in co-distributed species.  Molecular Ecology 19: 5043-5060 DOI
39. Hart, MW; Grosberg, RK.  (2009)   Caterpillars did not evolve from onychophorans by hybridogenesis.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106: 19906-19909 DOI
38. Keever, CC; Sunday, J; Puritz, JB; Addison, JA; Toonen, RJ; Grosberg, RK; Hart, MW.  (2009)   DISCORDANT DISTRIBUTION OF POPULATIONS AND GENETIC VARIATION IN A SEA STAR WITH HIGH DISPERSAL POTENTIAL.  Evolution 63: 3214-3227 DOI
37. Mcgovern, TM; Keever, CC; Hart, MW; Saski, CA; Cox, LN; Emme, SA; Hoffman, JM; Marko, PB.  (2009)   Vicariance or pseudocongruence? Evidence from a multi-species break in the northeastern Pacific.  Integrative and Comparative Biology 49: E112-E112
36. Patino, S; Aagaard, JE; MacCoss, MJ; Swanson, WJ; Hart, MW.  (2009)   Bindin from a sea star.  Evolution & Development 11: 376-381 DOI
35. Sunday, J; Raeburn, L; Stewart, H; Hart, MW.  (2009)   Allelic inheritance in naturally occurring parthenogenetic offspring of the gonochoric sea star Patiria miniata.  Invertebrate Biology 128: 276-282 DOI
34. Hart, MW.  (2008)   Speciose versus species-rich.  Trends in Ecology & Evolution 23: 660-661 DOI
33. Keever, CC; Hart, MW.  (2008)   Something for nothing? Reconstruction of ancestral character states in asterinid sea star development.  Evolution & Development 10: 62-73
32. Keever, CC; Sunday, J; Wood, C; Byrne, M; Hart, MW.  (2008)   Discovery and Cross-Amplification of Microsatellite Polymorphisms in Asterinid Sea Stars.  Biological Bulletin 215: 164-172
31. Sunday, J; Raeburn, L; Hart, MW.  (2008)   Emerging infectious disease in sea stars: castrating ciliate parasites in Patiria miniata.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 81: 173-176 DOI
30. Cassista, MC; Hart, MW.  (2007)   Spatial and temporal genetic homogeneity in the Arctic surfclam (Mactromeris polynyma).  Marine Biology 152: 569-579 DOI
29. Harper, FM; Addison, JA; Hart, MW.  (2007)   Introgression versus immigration in hybridizing high-dispersal echinoderms.  Evolution 61: 2410-2418 DOI
28. Harper, FM; Hart, MW.  (2007)   Morphological and phylogenetic evidence for hybridization and introgression in a sea star secondary contact zone.  Invertebrate Biology 126: 373-384 DOI
27. Hart, MW; Sunday, J.  (2007)   Things fall apart: biological species form unconnected parsimony networks.  Biology Letters 3: 509-512 DOI
26. Hart, MW; Keever, CC; Dartnall, AJ; Byrne, M.  (2006)   Morphological and genetic variation indicate cryptic species within Lamarck's little sea star, Parvulastra (=Patiriella) exigua.  Biol Bull 210: 158-167
25. Addison, JA; Hart, MW.  (2005)   Colonization, dispersal, and hybridization influence phylogeography of North Atlantic sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis).  Evolution 59: 532-543
24. Addison, JA; Hart, MW.  (2005)   Spawning, copulation and inbreeding coefficients in marine invertebrates.  Biology Letters 1: 450-453
23. Cassista, MC; Hart, MW.  (2005)   Isolation and characterization of new microsatellite markers in the surfclam Mactromeris polynyma.  Molecular Ecology Notes 5: 218-219
22. Harper, FM; Hart, MW.  (2005)   Gamete compatibility and sperm competition affect paternity and hybridization between sympatric Asterias sea stars.  Biol Bull 209: 113-126
21. Hart, MW; Podolsky, RD.  (2005)   Mitochondrial DNA phylogeny and rates of larval evolution in Macrophiothrix brittlestars.  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 34: 438-447
20. Hart, MW; Sunday, J; Keever, CC.  (2005)   Dispersal and climate history in sea star population genetic structure.  Integrative and Comparative Biology 45: 1009-1009
19. Henry, LA; Hart, M.  (2005)   Regeneration from injury and resource allocation in sponges and corals - A review.  International Review of Hydrobiology 90: 125-158
18. Keever, CC; Hart, MW.  (2005)   Evolution of reproductive mode in asterinid sea stars.  Integrative and Comparative Biology 45: 1023-1023
17. Addison, JA; Hart, MW.  (2004)   Analysis of population genetic structure of the green sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) using microsatellites.  Marine Biology 144: 243-251
16. Hart, MW; Johnson, SL; Addison, JA; Byrne, M.  (2004)   Strong character incongruence and character choice in phylogeny of sea stairs of the Asterinidae.  Invertebrate Biology 123: 343-356
15. Byrne, M; Hart, MW; Cerra, A; Cisternas, P.  (2003)   Reproduction and larval morphology of broadcasting and viviparous species in the Cryptasterina species complex.  Biological Bulletin 205: 285-294
14. Dartnall, A. J., M. Byrne, J. Collins, and M. W. Hart.  (2003)   A new viviparous species of asterinid (Echinodermata, Asteroidea, Asterinidae) and a new genus to accommodate the species of pan-tropical exiguoid sea stars.  Zootaxa 359:1-14.
13. Hart, MW; Byrne, M; Johnson, SL.  (2003)   Patiriella pseudoexigua (Asteroidea : Asterinidae): a cryptic species complex revealed by molecular and embryological analyses.  Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 83: 1109-1116
12. Addison, JA; Hart, MW.  (2002)   Characterization of microsatellite loci in sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus spp.).  Molecular Ecology Notes 2: 493-494
11. Hart, MW.  (2002)   Life history evolution and comparative developmental biology of echinoderms.  Evolution & Development 4: 62-71
10. Grosberg, RK; Hart, MW.  (2000)   Mate selection and the evolution of highly polymorphic self/nonself recognition genes.  Science 289: 2111-2114
9. Hart, M.  (2000)   Phylogenetic analyses of mode of larval development.  Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 11: 411-418
8. Hart, MW; Grosberg, RK.  (1999)   Kin interactions in a colonial hydrozoan (Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus): Population structure on a mobile landscape.  Evolution 53: 793-805
7. Grosberg, RK; Hart, MW; Levitan, DR.  (1997)   Is allorecognition specificity in Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus controlled by a single gene?  Genetics 145: 857-860
6. Hart, MW; Byrne, M; Smith, MJ.  (1997)   Molecular phylogenetic analysis of life-history evolution in Asterinid starfish.  Evolution 51: 1848-1861 DOI  PubMed
5. Hart, MW.  (1996)   Deconstructing suspension feeders by analysis of film and video.  Invertebrate Biology 115: 185-190
4. Hart, MW.  (1996)   Evolutionary loss of larval feeding: Development, form and function in a facultatively feeding larva, Brisaster latifrons.  Evolution 50: 174-187
3. Hart, MW.  (1996)   Variation in suspension feeding rates among larvae of some temperate, eastern Pacific echinoderms.  Invertebrate Biology 115: 30-45
2. Hart, MW.  (1996)   Testing cold fusion of phyla: Maternity in a tunicate x sea urchin hybrid determined from DNA comparisons.  Evolution 50: 1713-1718 DOI  PubMed
1. Hart, MW.  (1996)   Deconstructing suspension feeders by analysis of film and video.  Invertebr. Biol. 115: 185-190 DOI
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